Eleven Dubcast: Ohio State Legend Evan Spencer Guides Us Into the 2017 Ohio State Football Season

By Johnny Ginter on August 30, 2017 at 3:05 pm
Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett and former Ohio State wide receiver Evan Spencer

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Evan Spencer is a pretty fantastic human being in general; Beau calls him "The Senator" on the Dubcast this week, and it's pretty easy to see why he could be considered an heir apparent to Jim Tressel. He's smart, ambitious (the guy runs his own distribution company with another former Buckeye in Joel Hale), experienced, and holy crap the dude is only 24. It's an honor to have him come on and talk about Ohio State football, and dammit we have a lot of ground to cover because football is finally, mercifully, back. For real this time.

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That's right, children! Finally we can put all that talk about J.T. Barret's legacy and the potential of wide receivers and Michigan's urine-soaked jerseys to good use: this Dubcast is filled top to bottom with 2017 football chat. We'll cover our three things to look out for in the game, talk to Spencer about how he sees everything playing out for the Buckeyes this season, and a whole lot more. Ask Us Anything is taking a quick backseat (but please, keep sending in those questions here), but hell, we've gotta find time to talk about Game of Thrones.

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0:00- FOOTBALL! FOOOTTTBAAAAALLLLL! Let's look at the depth chart and then FREAK OUT!

11:27- Ohio State football isn't the only thing popping this week. We take a macro look at college football and then make fun of Michigan.

21:02- Evan Spencer, live (sorta) and in the flesh (okay, not really)! He's great and you should definitely check out what he says about how Urban prepares his teams to win championships.

42:02- We would be remiss if we didn't mention Kyle Snyder, right now the official (according to cool people) pound for pound best wrestler in the world. Go watch him do his thing, guys.

45:42- Game of Thrones. Season finale. Let's do it.

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