Eleven Dubcast: The Most Important Position in College Football Isn't Up For Grabs, But Second String Sure Is

By Johnny Ginter on August 16, 2017 at 3:05 pm
Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins

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J.T. Barrett's most interesting (read: not something that will get you lifetime free meals in Columbus) legacy at Ohio State might not be the massive amount of numbers that he piled up while he was here, or his efforts in getting the Buckeyes to the playoffs while taking over for Braxton Miller, or even what he might end up doing this season; instead, it might be that his sustained level of success brought about one of the most convoluted periods of quarterback doubt once he left.

Because right now we've got a gaggle of QBs all gunning for the backup job with no absolute winner, with the implication that whoever ends up getting the spot will have the inside track in taking over for Barrett next season. Will it happen? Could Emory Jones spoil the whole thing? Well, that's what we get to in the Dubcast this week. We also bring back Ask Us Anything (which you can do here) and of course, Game of Thrones time. And as per usual, rating and subscribing on iTunes does a body good.

But finally, I just want to make sure that you guys stick around for the end of this podcast. Eleven Warriors had some really heavy news this past week with the loss of our good friend and writer Curt Heinrichs, and Beau and I share our memories of a guy who loved wrestling and loved to share that with others. He'll be missed.

0:00- Fall camp heats up, and as per usual, the position everyone wants to know about is under center.

19:05- Great Ask Us Anything questions this week, guys. Defensive MVPs, things to do in Montreal, and why the media won't get off Tom Herman's case.

39:25- Game of Thrones time, y'all! Dany's going crazy, Jon's sick of everyone's crap, WHO IS LIVING IN THESE CASTLES???

55:07- Rest in peace, buddy.

And that does it, we'll be back next week, but until then, don't forget to check out our Dry Goods Store, thank Travis for our logo, and then thank yourself for listening!

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