Eleven Dubcast: Signing Day Spectacular with Matt Burrell

By Michael Citro on February 5, 2015 at 3:05 pm
Ohio State's Matthew Burrell joins the Eleven Dubcast to discuss his recruitment.

National Signing Day is kind of a 'feel good' day, where optimism reigns supreme. And here to talk about it with us is our own Birm (a.k.a. Lord of Whispers) and offensive line commit, Matt Burrell.

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Each year, we get super excited about a bunch of teenagers who we've never met. Following recruiting is a huge deal these days but if you think about it, it's still kind of creepy. Nevertheless, National Signing Day is a fun day full of optimism and promise.

Johnny and I discuss Ohio State's haul on NSD and the process in general. We also talk about the Marc Loving suspension, the odd way it was phrased by the OSU Sports Information Department, and what it means for the Buckeye basketball team (spoiler: it's bad). 

Then we're joined by our resident Lord of Whispers, Jeremy Birmingham, who breaks down National Signing Day and the recruiting process like no one else can. Birm stays and helps us make Dubcast history with a four-way call with OSU offensive line commit signee, Matt Burrell. Matt does a great job of giving us a recruit's perspective of NSD and his experience as a top recruit.

We also answer listener questions in our Ask Us Anything segment. This week, we actually got to make an important life decision for someone, so that was pretty cool. You can always ask us anything on Twitter or via email

0:28- Me and Johnny hit the highlights of National Signing Day, try to figure out what's wrong with Jim Harbaugh as a recruiter, and discuss the Marc Loving suspension.

23:46- Birm jumps on to talk about how he handles his job and the subsequent lack of sleep he endures this time of year.

37:34- Matt Burrell gives us the perspective of a top recruit who went through the process that culminated in finding someone to use something called a "fax machine."

53:45- Ask Us Anything! This week we get to pick out someone's engagement ring.

1:08:06- Terrible Twitter Trivia!

That's all for this week. Be sure to tune in next week as we try to help you get through a basketball season that was looking up and suddenly seems very "iffy" again.

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