Skull Session: Michigan Rolls Out Gold Pants Knockoff, Freshmen Arrive on Campus, and Gee Scott Jr. Talks to High Schoolers

By Kevin Harrish on June 6, 2022 at 5:30 am
Gee Scott Jr. is crouching in today's skull session.

It appears that the Internet has terrible flag #takes.

The Ohio flag is objectively great. I choose to believe all the haters are just jealous.

Word of the Day: 

 GOLD PANTS, BUT WORSE. Ohio State's Gold Pants are one the coolest traditions in college football because they're clean, simple, subtle and have a rich and storied history.

But this year, Michigan is rolling out its version of the victory jewelry, which is none of those things.

It seems kinda odd to suddenly try to force a new tradition for something that happens so infrequently, but to be fair, they could have had these designed and ready to roll out for the past decade and we would have had no idea.

But at the end of the day, all our point-and-laughing ain't going to change the fact that they got their Claires trinkets and most of Ohio State's current roster doesn't even own a pair of Gold Pants. That's gotta change this year so that I can resume making fun of Michigan with a clean conscious.

 THEY'RE HERE. A solid chunk of Ohio State's 2022 freshman class has already been on campus since January, but the rest have officially joined them.

It's tough to get too excited about teens arriving on campus to take summer classes, but it's one of those small hurdles to get us to college football season.

One step at a time. We can do this, y'all.

 “NOBODY CARES.” For his latest YouTube video, Gee Scott Jr. went to a local high school to give an extremely motivating message to the teens – nobody cares.

Hear him out. It truly is solid life advice.

"It's your responsibility to create the best version of yourself despite hardships."

Hell yeah, Gee. Realizing that you alone are responsible for the way you respond internally and externally to any situation is the most freeing thing ever. Nobody cares about your circumstances, they care about how you respond to them.

I also appreciated his answer about how hard it was to become a college football player: nowhere close to as hard as it is to stay a college football player.

 THE LAST GREAT AMERICAN FULLBACK. Someone get Ryan Day on the line – it's time to sign this kid and resurrect Dave.

With college football trending smaller and faster across the board, people are saying that the new "Moneyball" move will be Dave out of the I-formation with a fullback leading the way.

To be clear, *I* am "people" in this scenario.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "The Best" by Tina Turner.

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