Skull Session: Gee Scott's Day in the Life, Paris Johnson Jr. Helps Harry Miller's Cause, and Michigan's Passing Records Ain't Great

By Kevin Harrish on February 28, 2022 at 5:20 am
Gee Scott Jr. is praying in today's skull session.

Turns out, Kofi Cockburn is more intimidating before the game than he is when it comes time to actually like, play.

Word of the Day: Nugatory.

 THAT'S... THAT'S IT? For years, I've made fun of Michigan for not having a downfield passing game, but even I didn't realize it was this bad. Turns out, Michigan's school record for touchdown passes in a single season is only 25. In the year 2022.

That's adorable.

To put that in perspective, Dwayne Haskins doubled Michigan's passing record in 2018 alone. In his five years at Ohio State, Ryan Day has not had a single quarterback throw for fewer than 35 touchdowns in a full season in the five years he's been in Columbus.

And it ain't just Ohio State; 27 quarterbacks across the country would have broken that record *this year* if they played for Michigan.

Now, I obviously can't make fun of them too much because they abused the Buckeyes this year with an offense they stole from Jim Bollman in 2001, and Ohio State was powerless to stop it. But for the Michigan fans wondering why it's been over a decade since they've had a legit quarterback (and one that isn't just Braxton Miller but worse), this would be why.

 DAY IN THE LIFE. If you ever wanted to live an average day through the eyes of an Ohio State football player, Gee Scott's got you covered.

Come for the inside access, stay for Gee's reaction when TreVeyon Henderson doesn't know about Hangover Easy.

 BUCKEYES DOING GOOD. If there's one thing that's better than Buckeyes helping Buckeyes, it's Buckeyes helping Buckeyes help others. And that's what Paris Johnson Jr. is doing with Harry Miller.

Huge props to those guys for using their platform and resources to benefit others. I have no idea what I was spending my free time and energy doing when I was 20 years old but it sure wasn't anything close to that.

 GOOD APPLE? Eli Apple took a lot of heat for his Super Bowl performance after talking massive amounts of trash all season to anybody who would listen and getting beat multiple times in crucial moments.

It was all mostly justified – you can't talk that much shit without it coming back on you when you slip up, but it might have gone a little too far. Based on the memes, you would have thought he was the worst starting cornerback in the league this year.

Turns out, he was actually arguably the best.

I have made it clear that I am always a huge proponent of Talking That Shit™ as long as you can back it up and handle the consequences – especially when you have to deal with wide receivers for a living, cause lord knows they talk too.

But the reality is, if Eli would have simply turned it down 30%, we'd all be talking about how great his comeback season was. Instead, he gets this:

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Hold On" by Alabama Shakes.

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