Skull Session: C.J. Stroud Tosses Shade at California Schools, Dawand Jones is Locker Room DJ, and TreVeyon Henderson Can Play Both Ways

By Kevin Harrish on December 30, 2021 at 4:59 am
Ryan Day is just chillen in today's skull session.

When you're 6-foot-8, 350 pounds, you generally get what you want more often than not. Especially the aux cord.

I am openly petitioning for Ryan Day to take this mentality with the red zone offense on Saturday. After watching watching Minnesota's Daniel Faalele score a touchdown earlier in the week, I realized I've never needed anything more than I've needed a Dawand Jones touchdown.

Can you imagine the touchdown dance?

Word of the Day: Caterwaul.

 ROSY RUNDOWN. The game is obviously the main course this weekend, but if you're in town, TBDBITL will be in action multiple times to keep you entertained.


I assume most out-of-towners will be departing shortly after the game, but I'll tell you what, Disneyland with The Ohio State University Marching Band would be one hell of a way to celebrate a Rose Bowl victory and kick off the New Year.

 FROM THE TOP ROPE. C.J. Stroud isn't exactly one to hold back his true and honest thoughts. And bless him for that because sometimes it gives us some glorious unfiltered smoke like this:

What makes Strouds comments so hilarious is that they aren't even the least bit controversial!

Ohio State has its own attendance woes, but they're much more in the galaxy of "we can't consistently get 100,000 people to come watch our team annihilate Akron." USC's average attendance is much more comparable to the average Ohio State non-contact scrimmage.

But helicopters!

 TWO-WAY TRE? Ohio State already took one running back and turned him into one of the team's top linebackers and they're looking to do it again with Arizona State transfer DeaMonte Trayanum.

If they need a third, TreVeyon Henderson wants you to know he's ready and willing.

Honestly, I say go for it. Give him some garbage time reps at linebacker. Lord knows Ohio State players need to do everything they can to boost their Heisman odds if they're ever going to win that trophy again.

 LONG SNAPPERS, TOO! Long snappers funny, because if they truly do their job 100 percent correctly, there's really no reason for a casual fan to ever so much as learn their name.

In that case, it's good news that we went an entire season and I cannot recall hearing "Bradley Robinson" said even once during the broadcasts. Which means...

This is Ohio State, where we aim for first place in anything and everything. But given that I sincerely could not come anywhere close to correctly evaluating a single one of Robinson's snaps, I think I'm just gonna be happy with having the fourth-best long snapper in the country.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.

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