Skull Session: Buckeyes Are Dangerous Against Top-Ranked Teams, E.J. Liddell Matches Dwayne Wade, and History Suggests This is a Final Four Team

By Kevin Harrish on December 1, 2021 at 5:00 am
We're celebrating in today's skull session.

Can't say I ever really expected to be writing such a hoops-heavy Skull Session the week of the Big Ten Championship game, but I guess we're a basketball school now!

Word of the Day: Stupefy.

 DROPPING NO. 1s. Here's a stat some of you might have liked to know before 82 percent of you picked Duke to win and cover:

For context, that win percentage (.727) is significantly higher than the team's overall win percentage (.614). So basically, Ohio State has a much better chance of winning a game against the No. 1 team in the country than it does just a normal game.


And it doesn't seem to matter that the Buckeyes are particularly good, either.

Ohio State's got current No. 2 Purdue on the slate for Jan. 30. The Boilermakers might want to go ahead and lose a game or two between now and then if they want to have any shot against the Buckeyes!

 BASICALLY DWAYNE WADE. If you're going to knock off the top team in the country, you're going to need your best player to play his best basketball. I think it's probably safe to say E.J. Liddell did just that.

(... with the exception of the free-throw line, but we can forgive that, just this once)

At the half, Holtmann told Liddell "nobody out here is better than you," which is an amazing thing to be able to honestly tell your player facing a team of five-star prospects led by a five-star freshman who will likely be a top-five pick.

And the thing is, he wasn't wrong! Liddell was the best player on the court, and it showed.

 GOOD OMENS? After Ohio State had officially vanquished Duke last night, Notorious SVP hit us with a pretty wild stat that gives some extremely good omens for the rest of the season.

The last time Ohio State lost to Michigan (2011 – you were literally 10 years younger), the Buckeyes also beat Duke in Columbus the following Tuesday. That 2011-12 team? It went on to go to the Final Four.

To be clear, no part of me would ever voluntarily trade a loss to Michigan for a Final Four appearance. But I'll tell you what, it would be a fine consolation prize.

 FUNNY HOW THINGS GO. Y'all remember a few years ago when everyone was losing their minds that the Buckeyes had to settle for Chris Holtmann after missing out on Archie Miller?

Well, Holtmann just slapped the top-ranked team in the country out of Columbus. Meanwhile, Archie's interviewing Holtmann's top scorer on a podcast after the game.

Going from coaching against Zed to interviewing Zed in a few short months – absolute gold.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Heart of Glass" by Blondie.

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