Skull Session: Ohio State Has the Best Offensive Tackles in the Country, Indiana's Defensive Coordinator Helps Alabama, and Jim Harbaugh's Wallet Needs Him to Beat Ohio State

By Kevin Harrish on January 8, 2021 at 5:45 am
The Buckeyes are taking the field in today's skull session.

The battleground is ready.

Word of the Day: Donnybrook.

 BEST DAMN PASS PRO IN THE LAND. Wyatt Davis was just named a unanimous All-American – and for good reason – but I'm beginning to think that maybe he shouldn't be the only Slob getting these honors.


As my esteemed colleague Colin Hass-Hill said yesterday, they've been so good that they're almost boring to watch in pass pro this year because they just simply do their job every time they're on the field.

I, for one, very much enjoy boring in this case!

 FUN WITH PROP BETS! Monday night is your last chance of the season to burn some of your hard-earned cash on a college football game at a sportsbook, so why not go all out?

Here is a lengthy list of prop bets for your gambling pleasure courtesy of

College Football Playoff Championship Game Props
Margin of Victory                                
Alabama by 1 to 6 Pts                                      17/4
Alabama by 7 to 12 Pts                                    19/4
Alabama by 13 to 18 Pts                                   11/2
Ohio State by 1 to 6 Pts                                    6/1
Alabama by 19 to 24 Pts                                   15/2
Alabama by 25 to 30 Pts                                   10/1
Ohio State by 7 to 12 Pts                                  10/1
Alabama by 31 to 36 Pts                                   12/1
Alabama by 43 Pts or More                               16/1
Ohio State by 13 to 18 Pts                                16/1
Alabama by 37 to 42 Pts                                   20/1
Ohio State by 19 to 24 Pts                                33/1
Ohio State by 25 to 30 Pts                                40/1
Ohio State by 31 to 36 Pts                                50/1
Ohio State by 37 to 42 Pts                                80/1
Ohio State by 43 Pts or More                            100/1
1st Half Margin of Victory                               
Alabama by 13 Pts or More                               7/4
Alabama by 7 to 12 Pts                                    17/4
Ohio State by 13 Pts or More                            5/1
Alabama by 1 to 6 Pts                                      6/1
Ohio State by 7 to 12 Pts                                  6/1
Ohio State by 1 to 6 Pts                                    15/2
Tied                                                                 15/2
First Score of Game                            
Alabama Touchdown                            1/1
Ohio State Touchdown                         7/5
Alabama Field Goal                              15/2
Ohio State Field Goal                           8/1
Alabama Safety                                   40/1
Ohio State Safety                                 40/1
Will either team take lead after trailing 15pts or more?
Yes     +250    (5/2)
No       -400    (1/4)

Will both teams score at least 30 points?
Yes     -160    (5/8)     
No       +120    (6/5)
Will either team score 40 or more points?
Yes     -250    (2/5)
No       +180    (9/5)

Will either team score 50 or more points?
Yes     +175    (7/4)
No       -250    (2/5)

Will either starting QB not finish the game?
Yes     +300    (3/1)
No       -500    (1/5)

Longest TD of the Game
Over/Under 54.5 yards

Will there be a defensive or special teams TD Scored?
Yes     +150    (3/2)
No       -200    (1/2)

Will there be OT?
Yes     +700    (7/1)
No       -1600  (1/16)

Which will be said first?
Heisman          -300    (1/3)     
Lawrence         +200    (2/1)

Which will be said first?
Dabo               -300    (1/3)
Urban              +200    (2/1)

As always, my gambling advice is both unsolicited and usually not very good, but "Yes (-160)" for "Will Both Teams Score Over 30 points?" is absolutely free money.

Oh, and so is "Ohio State by 43 Pts or More" for 100/1. Bet the rent.

 BENEDICT ARNOLD. Indiana couldn't keep Ohio State from winning a national themselves – either on the field or through their incessant whining off of it – so the Hoosiers' former defensive coordinator is doing the next best thing: helping the Crimson Tide with their gameplan.

On Wednesday, during an interview on “The Opening Kickoff” on WNSP-FM 105.5 in Mobile, Wommack was asked what he would tell Alabama football coach Nick Saban in preparation for meeting the Buckeyes in the CFP national championship game on Jan. 11.

“Those things are taking place. I’m doing my part to help the state of Alabama,” the South Alabama football coach said.

You read that right. Wommack has been on contact with Crimson Tide coaches.

“Ohio State, I played those guys and been on the field with them. In the coaching world, you always want to hear from guys who have been on the field with the team you’re about to face.”

This article is hilarious because it praises Wommack for shutting out Ohio State in the fourth quarter and holding Justin Fields to "a pedestrian 18 of 30 for 300 yards," but seems to completely gloss over the fact that the Buckeyes still had 607 yards of total offense and put up 42 points.

So uh, yes. Please, Alabama. Listen to every word this man says. He is wise and good!

 FILM ROOM IS BACK. Fantastic news to anyone like me who likes to pretend I didn't learn everything I know about football from playing copious amounts of NCAA Football video games – ESPN's Film Room broadcast of the game is BACK.

Film Room returns to the National Championship MegaCast on ESPNEWS, with SEC Network college football analyst and former BCS Champion head coach Gene Chizik, Wake Forest head coach Dave Clawson, Liberty head coach Hugh Freeze and North Carolina A&T’s Sam Washington joining the telecast. Follow every play of Alabama-Ohio State through the minds of those who live and breathe the game every day.

Gene Chizik might know a thing or two about dumping Bama, for what it's worth.

 MUST BEAT OHIO STATE. The good news for Jim Harbaugh: he's getting his contract extended another five years even though he should have gotten fired midway through this season.

The bad news: he's getting a heavy, heavy pay cut – unless, of course, he meets certain incentives.

The contract presented features heavy incentives for winning the Big Ten East Division, a Big Ten championship, reaching the national playoffs and winning a national championship.

So basically, Harbaugh has to beat Ohio State in order to make anywhere near as much money as he's made the past six years at Michigan.

That seems totally fair, to be honest. But also... unlikely.

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