Skull Session: Justin Fields' Arm Still Looks Good, TreVeyon Henderson's As Humble As They Come, and the Senior Bowl Has a Plan if There's No Season

By Kevin Harrish on July 31, 2020 at 4:59 am
The sunset is beautiful in today's skull session.

It's a new day, and I pray you all meet it with Tyvis Powell's optimism.

Word of the Day: Forlorn.

 QB1. Rest easy, Buckeye fans – it looks like QB1 still throws like he's QB1.

As exciting as it is to watch him toss passes more accurately than I could hand them to a receiver, I'm more stoked to see how that mobility, and that he's no longer rocking the robocop knee.

I feel like we only got a taste of his speed and athleticism before the injury slowed him, and that just ain't fair after the way he introduced himself in his debut.

I'd like to have more of this, please.

 STAYING HUMBLE. TreVeyon Henderson is the top running back in the country, has won two state titles with his high school, is a proper track and field star, and tops it all off with a 4.0 GPA.

The dude's got all the reason in the world to be conceited, but he's as humble as they come.

Henderson's ability is matched only by his humility. For all he has accomplished and for all the attention he receives, in his mind, he still got a long way to go.

"I haven't accomplished anything for real in my life," he said. "When my mom is in a big house and when she`'s taken care of, that's when I can start being a little more cocky. For now, I just gotta stay humble."

I see how he runs. In a few years, momma's gonna be living large.

 SENIOR BOWL STEPPING UP? If there's no college football season this fall, it's going to make it extremely hard for NFL scouts to evaluate this year's crop of draft-eligible players, given that they'll be no games to attend and no new film to watch.

If that happens, the Senior Bowl might have a plan to help with that process.

Senior Bowl executive director Jim Nagy told Yahoo Sports he’s open to having a Senior Bowl buildup that lasts up to two-and-a-half weeks if there’s no college football this season. That would both help players acclimate to playing after extended time off and give the NFL personnel a bigger window to both evaluate the prospects as players and people.

The lack of campus visits would likely mean canned information given to scouts over Zoom, as opposed to more candid in-person conversations. Nagy said he’s also considered going to the NFL and asking that all players who’ve declared for the draft – not just seniors or graduated juniors – be eligible for the Senior Bowl. 

Nagy, a former NFL scout, was more conservative about the numbers of players who would opt out of the college season.

“There’s only a small handful for guys who can rest on their junior tape,” he said. "It would be a small, small handful. The scary part for me is where are the kids getting the information, that’s the hardest part of the whole process, getting credible information.”

That last bit is what I keep going back to – nobody is particularly stoked about this situation. Pretty much everybody involved would much, much prefer to play the season as close to normal as possible. So I'm not giving up hope, because too many people are fighting too hard to try to make a season work.

 SIT 'EM DOWN. To take a brief detour to a sport that is for sure happening, former Buckeye pitcher Travis Lakins was chopping down Yankee batters yesterday, delivering the perhaps the most impressive showing of his young career.

Perhaps if he was on the mound longer, his team would have avoided giving up seven runs on two swings and won the game!

 TWO-SPORT STAR. Here's a little flashback Friday to that time Keith Byars dumped an eventual 5x NBA champ in a high school basketball game.

And we know damn well he'd beat him in a footrace, too.

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