Skull Session: TreVeyon Henderson Thinks the World Should Be a Locker Room, DJ Carton Says Ohio State Didn't Have Room For Him, and Michigan Accidentally Owns Itself

By Kevin Harrish on June 9, 2020 at 4:59 am
Trey Sermon is a running back.

The only photo we have of Ohio State's presumed starting running back is of him carrying a cardboard box of his belongings while wearing a surgical mask.

Take a time machine back a year and explain that one to me.

Word of the Day: Prevarication.

 BE LIKE A LOCKER ROOM. As the world goes nuts right now, Ohio State running back commit TreVeyon Henderson has some solid advice for everybody – be more like a locker room.

A football locker room is a microcosm of America at her best. It represents what she can be in her finest moment; a melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds and belief systems coming together for one common cause. Henderson believes the sooner Americans begins treating each other like members of the same team, the sooner we can unite.

“On every team I’ve been a part of, I’ve had so many people come from different parts of the area; some people come from bad parts, others from good parts. Some people are different races, and nobody is judged. That’s special right there,” Henderson said. “I feel like if the world was like that, it’d be so much of a better world.”

Let 'em know, TreVeyon.

I don't know what the communal life equivalent of a national title is – a cure for cancer is probably as close as I can get – but I'd sure as hell be willing to cast aside any differences or grievance with anybody to get there.

We all have our differences, but we're humans first.

 “NO ROOM.” I never really expected to hear anything more about DJ Carton's departure from Ohio State, but a casual scroll through Instagram on a Monday morning gave me a far more interesting story than I ever anticipated.

Consider me just a *bit* skeptical that Ohio State chased off its highest-rated prospect in half a decade for the services of Abel Porter and Jimmy Sotos, but some gentle whispers tell me that the situation is not so simple one way or the other, so who the really knows.

At the end of the day, I just hope Carton has a healthy and successful career at Marquette and that the Buckeyes do just fine without him. That is my extremely controversial stance.

 BEST OF THE FRESH. Ohio State's current receiving corps is absolutely undeniably its highest-rated collection of receivers in the recruiting rankings era, and none of those seven top-100 wide receivers have even been draft-eligible yet.

That's some pretty good news about the future, because some of the guys who decidedly were not top-100 prospects have done just fine at the next level pretty immediately.

I'll be fascinated to see what this list looks like next decade, because there's a solid chance it's somehow even more Buckeye-heavy.

 HAIL! The state of Michigan football is so sad right now that the extent of my "trash talk" the past few weeks has basically just been "holy shit, I can't believe they unintentionally dunked on themselves like that."

Sir Speed in Space has been the author of a few of them, but today's example comes directly from the top with the official Michigan Athletics Twitter account hyping "Michigan Day" on BTN with a schedule that is almost a parody of itself – one football game from the past decade against a team with an interim coach that finished with a losing record.

As much as I jest, I also empathize because I can't for the life of me think of any other game to add to this list. Is the time Michigan tied Ohio State in regulation in 2016 the most impressive Michigan football performance of the past decade? Because...

 UH, NEBRASKA? Remember when Nebraska was everyone's dark horse favorite to win the Big Ten West last year and was supposed to be Ohio State's "watch out!" game of the year?

A year later, there ain't a soul picking the Huskers to win the west, and the players are leaving Lincoln quicker than the fans left Memorial Stadium the final Saturday of last September.

At least they still have Corn Belt Braxton Miller!

*anxiously waits for transfer cannon to boom in Lincoln*.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Empress" by Morningsiders.

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