Josh Gattis Touts Bowl Losses to Brag About Michigan's Non-Conference Scheduling While Presumably Acknowledging Ohio State Owns His Team's Ass

By Kevin Harrish on May 20, 2020 at 5:46 pm
Josh Gattis is at it again.

Folks, Josh Gattis is at it again.

Michigan's offensive mastermind, who just two months ago Tweeted that Michigan team "beat ourselves" in its 56-27 home ass-kicking at the hands of Ohio State, somehow topped that effort with a worse Tweet attempting to brag about Michigan's non-conference scheduling.

Warning: there's... a lot to take in here.

First off, "We know what game matters..... But..." should be inscribed on every Michigan Man's tombstone, but that's somehow might be the least ridicule-worthy thing in the Tweet.

The big problem here is that five of those opponents – and frankly, five of the better ones on that list – were bowl game opponents which Michigan did not schedule. To make matters worse, the Wolverines lost 80 percent of those games. So Gattis is essentially using bowl game losses to hype Michigan's non-conference scheduling.

More than that, Michigan's next six non-conference opponents are Washington (which is great!) ..... followed by notorious powerhouses Ball State, Arkansas State, Colorado State, Hawai'i and UConn (which almost beat Michigan at home the last time they met).

And if there's any program in the country that should refrain from slandering teams for scheduling 1-AA opponents...

It's blocked!

... it's Michigan.

The truth is the truth!

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