Skull Session: Nothing Makes Jim Harbaugh Angrier Than Losing to Ohio State, Ryan Day Made Kyle McCord a Priority, and Tunmise Adeleye Laments His Lack of Five-Star Status

By Kevin Harrish on May 21, 2020 at 4:59 am
Tommy T's got next in today's skull session.

Ohio Stadium might look a little different this fall, but perhaps it will just be a hat tip to the student body.

Song of the Day: "Rain" by Ben Platt.

Word of the Day: Fictile.

 YOU MAD? I'm happy to announced that Jim Harbuagh is not yet calloused to getting his teeth kicked in against his biggest rival every year. Truth is, he's big mad he hasn't won yet.

Appearing on Lunch Talk Live on NBCSN with Mike Tirico on Wednesday afternoon, Harbaugh didn’t mince words when it came to Michigan’s failings against OSU, noting that beating the Buckeyes is the last vestige en route to the Wolverines higher aspirations.

“We’ve gotta beat Ohio State,” Harbaugh said. “Nothing makes us angrier than that, or me. That’s what we’re working toward every day. We’ve beaten everyone else, but we haven’t beat them. That’s what we have to do, beat them, win a championship, get ourselves into the playoffs, win a national championship.

Buddy must be the damn incredible hulk at this point.

Can't say I know those feels, Jimmy. But I do know it's going to get worse before it gets better because if you couldn't get within two touchdowns the previous two years, there's not a shot in hell your team is strolling into Columbus with this year's squad and leaving as anything other than a battered carcass.

But it's great to know it'll hurt you, at least!

 PRIORITIES, PRIORITIES. Ohio State's recruiting hasn't fallen off at all when Ryan Day took the keys to the program. Honestly, it's gotten better, especially at the quarterback position.

When Kyle McCord gets to Columbus, he will be the third quarterback in three classes that is rated higher than any quarterback Meyer signed during his entire seven-year tenure.

And it seems all it's taken is Day's personal touch.

During McCord's April visit, Day told the Philadelphia native that he was the top quarterback on the Buckeyes' board. He said Ohio State would wait for his decision before focusing on someone else.

“That’s a huge recruiting tool,” McCord said. “They turn down guys at every single position and are so laser-focused on who they want. When you’re only recruiting a small number of guys, that allows for your relationships to be genuine. Nowadays, in recruiting, that’s rare.”

Michigan offered McCord on Feb. 6, 2018, nearly a year before Ohio State. But he didn't end up being the top priority for the Wolverines, who landed IMG Academy five-star quarterback J.J. McCarthy, the No. 15 prospect in the class, 11 days after McCord picked Ohio State.

I'm bald enough to know that I can no longer speak on behalf of teens, but I have to imagine it's tough to say no when a guy that's produced two Heisman finalists in two years tells you that you're his QB1.

 THAT'S MY QUARTERBACK. Speaking of QB1, Justin Fields has been putting in work throughout these quarantine weeks, and I have to say, it's damn refreshing to see him without a clunky brace on his knee.

Welcome back to full health, Justin. I can't wait to see you on the bench during fourth quarters this fall.

 SOOOOO CLOSE. With 247Sports' latest ratings update, Ohio State defensive end commit Tunmise Adeleye is just 0.0004 points shy of being a composite five-star prospect.

He's decidedly unstoked about the turn of events, but is eager to prove to everyone why he deserves it.

“I really don’t care about rankings, but it feels like my ability is being disrespected.,” Adeleye told “Everyone’s going to have their chance to see what I’m able to do this fall. IMG plays a national schedule. A lot of our games are on ESPN, so people can tune in to the games and determine how I play from that.”


“People don’t understand when I get on the field, nobody is stopping me,” Adeleye said. “I don’t like to do a lot of talking. When the cameras are on, that’s when I shine.”

Assuming he does get that fifth star (I'm an optimist), eight of 30 different five-star prospects will be either committed to Ohio State or 100 percent crystal balled to Ohio State. This is getting all kinds of absurd, but I'm extremely down with it.

 I'LL TAKE IT! These past few months have been undeniably terrible, but I'm hopeful that this whole situation leaves behind at least couple of improvements to society.

For example:

Staying at home every day for two months – terrible. Ordering the occasional margarita to go while I spend every day at home – very good.

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