Skull Session: The Timeline For Football to Start on Time, The 2007 NCAA Tournament Was Nuts, and the 2015 Team Was Stacked

By Kevin Harrish on April 7, 2020 at 4:59 am
Chris Olave goes up in today's skull session.

In some parallel universe, we're just coming off a hangover from our national title celebration last night.

At least we'll always have the simulation.

Song of the Day: "Love Like Ghosts" by Lord Huron.

Word of the Day: Demur.

 THE VERY GOOD TIMELINE. I'm trying my very best to refrain from speculating about the fate of the college football season when we're still five months away and nobody really knows anything anyway, but I got sucked in again.

The thing is, I truly do not give a damn what a television sports talker thinks about the coronavirus crisis and the fate of the football, but I do very much care about what the folks inside the Woody think, and former Buckeye Jay Richardson claims to have that information.

Football Fever analyst Jay Richardson, a former OSU and NFL Def. End, shared information from his sources from inside the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

"If they can get the athletes in the building right around June 10-14th and get back to some semblance of regular operations with building staff, trainers, etc then you have a shot they're saying at a 12-game season," Richardson told ABC-6.

If COVID-19 persists and the curve has not been flattened, what then? "The last date before we start looking at not having a college football season at all would be the first or second week of July, about 30 days later," Richardson said. "Once you get into that second week in July then you're looking at an abbreviated season."

As a non-epidemiologist, I have no virus predictions I would like to publish. But as a football blogger, I'm just hoping like hell fall isn't canceled.

 2007 WAS WILD, MAN. The very bad virus took March Madness from us this year, but it can't wipe our memories! And the good news is, 2007 may have just been wild enough for two tournaments.

CBS Sports compiled a list of the 101 greatest NCAA Tournament games in modern history. Two Buckeye games made the list, and they're both from the same tournament, in consecutive games.

64. South second round: No. 1 Ohio State State 78, No. 9 Xavier 71 (OT)

Don't let the seven-point margin fool you. This was a beaut at Kentucky's Rupp Arena. It's the second meeting in 73 years between two schools separated by a two hour drive in Ohio. OSU would have been another No. 1-seed piece of prey had Ron Lewis not made a booming 3-pointer with two seconds remaining in regulation. Xavier can't hold on to an 11-point lead with seven-plus minutes lingering, as Thad Matta beats his former team. Greg Oden fouls out with 2:54 remaining and OSU down nine. It seems done. Xavier, coached by Sean Miller, is going to the Sweet 16. But there's this other star, Mike Conley Jr., who saves the day and takes over in OT. Justin Cage, who was recruited by Matta to play at Xavier, finishes with 25 points in the loss.

65. South Sweet 16: No. 1 Ohio State 85, No. 5 Tennessee 84

The Buckeyes survive back-to-back thrillers, needing double-digit comebacks in both games. Again, Oden can't dodge foul trouble. Again, Lewis (25 points) has to help save hide, this time in San Antonio. OSU comes back from trailing by 20, eventually tying the game at 79 with 2:44, thanks to a 3-pointer by David Lighty. Conley Jr. hits the winning shot via the foul line, 6.5 seconds showing on the clock. Tennessee's Ramar Smith grabs Conley's miss on the second shot, worms his way up the floor then fails to convert on the last possession. It's Oden flying in wait, swatting the attempt. SEC Player of the Year Chris Loften's scores 24. The game also features Wayne Chism and his highly placed headband.

For your viewing enjoyment:

Those games took years off my life.

I miss the simpler times when sports-induced stress was more threatening to my physical and mental wellbeing than some novel virus. Go away, coronavirus, so sports can ruin me more.

 LET'S TALK ABOUT 2015. I've already come to terms with the fact that the way the 2015 season played out is going to torment me throughout the duration of my stay on this revolving rock, so there's no point in hiding from it anymore.

Bring on any and all reminders of how one of the most talented teams on college football history didn't even make the playoff.

If you're wondering if you're reading that chart correctly, the proper interpretation is that the 2015 squad is the most talented team on the chart by far and it finished No. 7 in the country – the worst finish of any Ohio State team in the college football playoff era.

I thought this was going to be fine, but I think I might just have to go chug bleach again.

 GET DUMPED THEN, WORLD. I have been enlisted to aid the Buckeyes in the game of global college football domination, and I'm here to do my part, because I'll be damned if I let MGoBlog turn the tide and paint this map blue.

Below, the kind Buckeye Risk folks have provided me with the extremely simple rules. I am now entrusting you, dear readers, to turn swarm like locusts and turn the tide.

This is undeniably trivial at a time like this, but to quote Urban Meyer, "If they're keeping score, we'd like to win that thing." Currently, we'd like to win an online board game.

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