Skull Session: Jonah Jackson Expects Offensive Line Improvement, Denzel Ward is One of the League's Best, and Liam McCullough Hopes for the NFL

By Kevin Harrish on February 27, 2020 at 4:59 am
EJ Liddell pumps his fist in today's skull session.

You'll be shocked to hear this, but one of the first things Mark Turgeon did after a huge comeback victory on the road was complain about how late he was going to get home.

Song of the Day: "My Hero" by Foo Fighters.

Word of the Day: Diffident.

 POPPING SOME CORN. It's tough to be confident about any Big Ten road game the way this year is shaking out, but at the same time, the only time Nebraska has ever struck genuine fear in my heart is the extremely murdery Children of the Corn commercial Fox rolled out a few years ago.

I cannot tell you whether it's going to be a blowout or a gutty that resembles the famous Marc Loving Finger Gun Celebration game, but the Buckeyes are going to get it done tonight. You can take that to the bank.

 ALWAYS NEXT YEAR! Buckeye fans have an incredible habit of simultaneously expecting to be the best team in the country and also being even better the following year. Those should be unsustainable expectations, but it's seemed to work out shockingly fine for the past two decades or so.

Shit, at this point we've even got the outgoing players openly admitting that they're getting replaced by better players.

One of the outgoing seniors who created one of those vacancies believes the Buckeyes will be fine. Speaking at the NFL Scouting Combine on Wednesday, Jonah Jackson said OSU’s offensive line — considered one of the best in the nation in 2019 — has better days head.

“It might be better than it was last year, because the guys coming in were just as good and ready to play in case me or Branden (Bowen) or someone else was to go down,” Jackson said. “I’m definitely excited for what’s going on over there.”

Why so confident? Harry Miller, for one. Jackson called him an “above the curve” guy who is destined to eventually end up at the combine. Miller is expected to contend for the starting left guard job Jackson vacated.

I can't wait to hear Julian Fleming, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Gee Scott Jr. and Mookie Cooper explaining in a few years that the receivers room is actually going to improve after they're gone, and then somehow being correct.

 DENZEL WARD – BIA. Ohio State's about to have a cornerback picked in the top-three of the NFL draft two years after having the No. 4 overall pick.

And that No. 4 overall pick – he's doing fine.

We've reached the point that Ohio State's produced more NFL corners than you could realistically put on one NFL 53-man roster. And other schools are still trying to claim DBU status...

 THAT'S MY LONG SNAPPER. The NFL Combine is in full swing over in Indianapolis, but one of Ohio State's most skilled players didn't even get an invite.

It's all good though, the NFL decision-makers will come to him once they hear he's the best damn snapper in the land.

If I could offer Liam my unsolicited advice as an aspiring long snapper sports agent, he should definitely use this video instead:

Earning a starting spot in the NFL as a long snapper ain't easy, given that there are fewer of them than there are active astronauts, but he's been basically the best long snapper not on an NFL roster for the past two years, so he better at least get a shot.

 D-LO, RIM PROTECTOR. I can't honestly say I ever imagined D'Angelo Russell calling game with a last-second stuff of a five-time All-Star at the rim, but here we are.

Don't worry, he also did his normal thing at the other end of the court, dropping a game-high 27 points while hitting seven threes.

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