Skull Session: Nick Bosa Haunts Baker Mayfield, Ohio State Dominates in a Tough Test Against Michigan State, and Wyatt Davis is a Bully

By Kevin Harrish on October 8, 2019 at 4:59 am
The bands is playing in today's Skull Session.

It's gonna get a little dusty on this fine Tuesday morning.


Word of the Day: Acrimony.

 RIP BAKER MAYFIELD. It seems Nick Bosa can hold a grudge for quite some time. He took out two years of frustration on Baker Mayfield in one evening.

He finished the game with four total tackles, two sacks, a forced intentional grounding, two tackles for loss, a fumble recovery, a separate forced fumble and five quarterback hits – one of which led to an interception.

He was in the backfield and in Mayfield's head all game.

From Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk:

Bosa said he planned on a flag-planting gesture all week, because Mayfield “had it coming.”

“I practiced a little bit in my room,” Bosa said, via Omar Ruiz of the NFL. “It was pretty accurate. I mean, the image was in my head pretty good, so I had an idea.”


“He was panicking,” Bosa said of Mayfield. “He was double-clutching, rolling back and forth. We had him rattled all game.

It was probably the game Bosa's career so far, and from how Bosa describes their (very one-sided) "conversations" during the game, it sounds like this night could haunt Mayfield's dreams for quite a while.

Good news, Baker: the only way you'll ever see the 'Niners again in the next four years is if you meet in the Super Bowl. And based on what we saw last night, that ain't happening.

 DOMINANCE, ANYWAY. MY favorite thing about Saturday's win over Michigan State is that the Buckeyes were genuinely tested, faced real adversity and clearly faced off against a very talented team, butttttt also still won by four scores.

The takeaway: The Spartans are very talented, had next to a perfect game plan and executed it as well as could be expected. Ohio State is just that good.

 WYATT DAVIS, BULLY. I'm generally not an advocate for bullying – as evidenced by my Twitter avi – but I'll always make an exception for the large fellows on my favorite football team who are on scholarship to push people around.

If you're an Ohio State offensive lineman, your goal should be to look like Orlando Pace every damn play. Wyatt Davis was certainly trying his best here.

A couple of players – Jonah Jackson included – might have something to say about "bet OG in college football," but that poor individual got absolutely demoralized.

 OCHO CINCO LOVES TERRY. We can officially count Chad Johnson as part of the Scary Terry McLaurin bandwagon.

He's basically Ocho Cinco – if Ocho Cinco wanted any part of blocking and special teams.

 SURE, TOM. I understand that Tom Herman is now contractually obligated to stump for Texas and publicly and hold #takes he might not even personally believe, but this is just a tadddddd ridiculous.

From Alex Briseno of The Dallas Morning News:

Head coach Tom Herman was well aware of the magnitude of this week when approached the podium for his weekly press conference on Monday. He didn’t try to downplay this year’s Red River Rivalry, which is pivotal in the Big 12 race once again. He even got away from mentioning the importance of going 1-0, which has become a weekly routine.

“This week speaks for itself,” Herman said.

“It is one of, if not the, greatest games in college football,” Herman said. “ ...  (I've seen) Iowa-Iowa State for three years, then obviously Michigan-Ohio State for three years. So it's been pretty cool to be a part of all of those, but this one takes the cake just because of it being interstate rivals.”

"Just because of it being interstate rivals" as if that doesn't apply to Ohio State and Michigan as well.

But I guess to be fair to Texas Tommy, at least there's been a legit chance either team would win that game every year. Michigan hasn't exactly been holding up their end of the bargain on that front.

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