Skull Session: Michigan is Light Years Behind Ohio State, Ohio State Uses A Ton of WiFi, and It All Starts on Special Teams

By Kevin Harrish on September 19, 2019 at 4:59 am
The Best damn band in the land is here in today's skull session.
Ohio State Athletics

The bad news is, it ain't Friday yet. The good news is, there's college football tonight.


Word of the Day: Malinger.

 “LIGHT YEARS BEHIND.” Ohio State fans don't even have to dunk on Michigan anymore, former Michigan greats are handling that themselves.

From CBS Sports Radio:

Michigan was a popular pick to win the Big Ten this year, but after needing overtime to beat Army, the Wolverines’ bandwagon is a little lighter these days. No. 6 Ohio State (3-0), meanwhile, has won its last two games against Cincinnati and Indiana by a combined 93-10 margin.

Is there concern that No. 11 Michigan (2-0) could be falling behind the Buckeyes?

“Falling? We fell,” former Michigan All-American Braylon Edwards said on The DA Show. “It’s past tense. We’re light years behind Ohio State right now.”

Edwards elaborated on his statements quite a bit and even doubled down on his "light years behind" comment.

Aside from Braylon calling last year's game "back and forth " (it was decidedly just forth), there's no lie in those statements. Michigan's not going to threaten Ohio State until they start to make The Game a priority.

But unfortunately for them, it's hard to prioritize a game that's more than two months away when service academies are taking you to overtime at home.

Personally, I could not be happier with the current state of Michigan football. I hope this current staff stays forever and ever.

 NO DATA LIMITS. I'm going to be honest, I didn't think there was a shot in hell Ohio State's stadium-wide WiFi was going to work anywhere close to smoothly when they rolled out the new system against FAU in the home opener.

I was wrong to doubt it. It worked tremendously, allowing fans to use a combined 13.3 terabytes of WiFi data during the FAU game.

From  Paul Kapustka of the Mobile Sports Report:

With almost 2,000 access points and the possibility of more than 100,000 Ohio State fans logging on, it was a good bet to think that the new Wi-Fi network at Ohio Stadium would produce some big numbers when it went live. And now, we have numbers to back up that bet, as according to the school, the new Wi-Fi network saw 13.3 terabytes of data used during the season home opener Aug. 31 vs. Florida Atlantic.


Using Wi-Fi gear from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, in a design and deployment by AmpThink, the network saw 47,137 unique connections at the hope opener, out of approximately 86,000 fans in attendance. The peak concurrent connection number for the day was 28,900, according to the school.

The network performed similarly a week later in a home game against Cincinnati, with 12.7 TB recorded from 47,579 unique connections (out of approximately 91,500 in attendance). The peak concurrent connection number for the second game was 29,500, according to the school.

For those of you who aren't savvy on your data usage or storage unit sizes, that's about as much data as a single person would use on the smartphone in about 550 years. It also ranks fifth all-time in terms of WiFi usage at a single event, behind only the two most-recent Super Bowls and this year's Final Four games.

There's no word on how much of that that air time is collectively spent on, but I have to assume it's pushing 80 percent.

 TIP OF THE SPEAR. Urban Meyer always loved to talk big about the importance of special teams, but he also walked that walk. 

And this isn't a one-time thing, either.

Go back and watch any special teams play during any Meyer-coached season and you'll see starters and future stars all over. I mean, Ohio State's gunners last year were two starting wide receivers, one of which is currently the top receiver for the Washington Redskins.

Also, it seems that special teams plays like this...


correlate pretty strongly to plays like this:


 MVP. I've written lots of online words about Michael Thomas, Ezekiel Elliott, Joey Bosa, etc. etc. But I'm here to plead your forgiveness, because I've been neglecting the most dominant Buckeye in the NFL.

Somewhere, Jim Tressel is beaming.

How long until Ohio State has the highest-paid punter in the league, too? 

 IT JUST MEANS MORE. If you had any doubts that the entire SEC's reputation was propped up on the success of one team, behold:

Although to be fair, everybody knows this is just because the SEC beats up on itself.

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