Skull Session: Nick Bosa's Recovery, Michael Thomas' Incoming Payday, and Malik Harrison's Dominance

By Kevin Harrish on June 19, 2019 at 4:59 am
Demario McCall is happily greeting us in today's skull session.

Dawand Jones hasn't even played an official practice rep yet and he's already approaching Internet mythology because of his size.

I mean, here he is next to noted large human Greg Oden.

I'm all the way emotionally invested in Dawand Jones. I can't wait until he's a first-round pick.


Word of the Day: Mackle.

 BOSA THE BROKEN? The only thing standing between a Bosa and a quarterback seems to be an injury.

And that's why folks were justifiably holding their breath when news broke that Nick injured himself before he could even take an NFL preseason snap (and just after recovering from another injury). And Nick was right there with them.

Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle:

And fans who became nervous when Bosa almost immediately was injured in the NFL weren’t alone. So was Bosa.

“I was worried when it happened,” Bosa said. “I was pretty down on myself — just couldn’t stay on the field. But once I got with the guys and just had some of the older guys talk me up a little bit, it’s been super helpful. And I think I’m going to be just fine.”

Bosa will spend most of his time off before training camp working out with his brother, Chargers Pro Bowl pass-rusher Joey Bosa, back home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Part of his focus will be on flexibility, which Joey has worked to develop during his four-year career: Joey missed the first four weeks of his first season with a hamstring injury, but returned to post 10.5 sacks in 12 games and was named the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Nick hopes to quickly find his rhythm when he returns to action in late July.

Bosa said he’ll need probably “just a couple of weeks of practice.”

By all accounts, this didn't seem very serious at all. Just a few weeks of Xbox and rehab and he'll be good as new.

 MIKE GETTING MONEY. Michael Thomas has been playing like one the best, if not the best receiver in the NFL the past few seasons, but has still been getting paid like a mid second-round pick.

That's about to change. Very, very much.

I thought Michael Thomas was going to be a superstar when I saw him subtweeting the entire Ohio State receivers room from his couch while he was watching the 2013 Orange Bowl.

I knew he was going to be a superstar when Christian Bryant replied telling him to stop and he hit him with a message that was essentially "wait, but am I wrong?" before continuing his tirade.

But hey, he's finally getting what he deserves. And he always knew he would.

 THE GOOD ONE. I've mentioned this before, but I think it's kind of bullshit that Malik Harrison sometimes gets lumped in with the other Buckeye linebackers from last season, because he had a legitimately good season.

I mean, he led the team in tackles and had an NFL decision to make following the season, and was getting second and third down mock drafts. Yeah, the linebackers generally need to improve this year. But he specifically just needs to keep doing things like this:

And he was that good while dealing with that same stuff causing the rest of the linebacking corps to look lost and confused for the past two years or so – whatever/whomever it was.

If that problem is truly fixed this year, you can go ahead and plant his tree.

 DOLO GYM. If you live in Columbus and can't get your #youth to do anything physical or outside, Cardale Jones is here to help.

The undefeated Buckeye quarterback teamed up with former Ohio State staffer Eric Lichter to open Plus Two University, which is part gym and part life coaching.

If you let Dolo mentor your kids, there's a chance they won't grow up to be broke balding bloggers with two college degrees they don't use. It's too late for me.

 FROM DOWNTOWN! Justin Fields is officially comfortable enough with his teammates to publicly bomb on them for their jump shots.

And, to be fair, they absolutely deserved it.

I appreciate the trash talk, but maybe Justin should also remember that the only thing keeping one of these guys from folding across his shoulder is a black shirt. And the other one is also one of the only things keeping that guy out of the backfield.

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