Internet Legend: Drue Chrisman's Bottle Flips, Camp Check-In Shirts and Epic Proposal Make Him Online Royalty

By Kevin Harrish on June 18, 2019 at 3:30 pm
Drue Chrisman is undeniably the internet's favorite punter.

On Monday evening, Drue Chrisman blessed the Internet with a glorious video featuring the Bottle Flipping Sultan riding a pimped out Prius with a suit while blasting Old Town Road.

And of course, he flipped a bottle.

At this point, this should be expected. Chrisman is a proper online royalty and is undeniably the Internet's favorite punter, this latest video was just his latest successful attempt to defend his throne.

But here's a look back at how he claimed it.

The move-in shirts

We got one of our first glimpses of Chrisman's marvelous personality during his first camp check-in when he strolled up with his long golden locks, a backwards cap and a shirt proclaiming his affection for Mormon girls.

He loves mormon girls

And then his dating life improved:

Drue Loves his mormon girlfriend

Given the recent changes in his life, I fully expect his next shirt to say "I ♥ MY MORMOM FIANCEE" followed by "I ♥ MY MORMON WIFE."

A love story, in shirts.

Lovely locks

If you wondered what happened to those luscious golden locks in that first picture, he didn't just buzz them off for fun. He did to support to his grandmother battling breast cancer.

Chrisman donated his golden locks to Pantene Beautiful Lengths to support the fight against Cancer.

The bottle flipping

Chrisman's online antics pretty much began with a simple video resurrecting an Internet fad that took off about a year before.

But the thing is, he didn't just bring it back to life, he brought it to a whole new level nobody else could even touch.

The initial video was extremely good – I daresay, unmatched by any previous bottle flipper in bottle flipping history – but he's been somehow upping his game ever since.

Behold, his greatness:

If the punting thing doesn't work out (though I have a sneaky suspicion it will, but we'll get to that later) he could turn this act into one hell of a live show.

The love story

Those who were unfazed and unimpressed by Chrisman's bottle flipping prowess almost certainly had their hearts melted a few months ago when Chrisman pulled off one of the most epic proposals of all time.

Our own football beat-writer-turned romance-chronicler Dan Hope wrote about the beautiful moment and their long relationship.

Turns out, it was a match made in heaven because it takes a special human being to put up with all of this.

But hey, he's a keeper too.

And, of course, the punting

None of this would be remotely as compelling if he was a scrub on the field, but he's decidedly not.

He averages more than 43 yards a punt, went through more than 70 percent of his freshman season without allowing a single return yard, and has been a Ray Guy semifinalist each fo the last two seasons.

Oh, and there was that time he – as a punter – was the game MVP against Michigan State by downing all five of his second-half punts inside the 10-yard line resulting in an intentional safety, a forced fumble leading to a defensive touchdown, and a second-straight fumble that set up a field goal.

For a whole collection of reasons, we're extremely glad he's a Buckeye. I mean, what's not to love (besides the four-yard punt in that same Michigan State game we don't really talk about)? 

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