Skull Session: The Dwayne Haskins and Terry McLaurin Connection, Plans to Honor John Havlicek, and Harry Miller Excels at Everything

By Kevin Harrish on May 24, 2019 at 4:59 am
The band is out on the field in today's skull session.

Trick plays always have my admiration, but not always my respect. This one earned both.

It's baller as hell that they pulled it off in the national semifinals.


Word of the Day: Macrosmatic.

 HASKINS, MCLAURIN CONNECTION. Dwayne Haskins got his wish when the Redskins drafted one of his Buckeye receivers to play with him in the NFL, and based on the numbers, it looks like they did a damn good job finding the one with which he has the best chemistry.

From Daniel Rymer of Pro Football Focus:

McLaurin may not have been Haskins’ most productive receiver, but the pair were extremely efficient when working together. In total, Haskins targeted McLaurin 50 times throughout his career, which resulted in 36 receptions for 696 yards and 10 touchdowns. When targeting McLaurin, Haskins had a passer rating of 153.8, which is better than any other connection that Haskins shared with his teammates.

In addition, not only did the Haskins-to-McLaurin connection have the best passer rating at Ohio State last season, but they also generated the second-best rating of the PFF College era (2014-present), trailing only Josh Rosenand Jordan Lasley (157.1). Part of the reason that the Haskins-to-McLaurin connection was so great is that when they did connect, they picked up huge chunks of yardage, which is evidenced by McLaurin’s average of 19.3 yards per reception when targeted by Haskins — 41st out of 957 qualifying pairings between quarterback and receiver since 2014. Among the 40 pairings who rank higher in yards per reception, Haskins and McLaurin actually have the best catch rate (72%).

There's no way the Redskins had any of those stats on hand when they selected McLaurin in the third round, but it sure makes them look like geniuses in hindsight.

I honestly have no idea how much this familiarity is going to come into play for either of these guys, but it sure won't hurt. And I thought both of them were going to have long NFL careers even before they ended up on the same roster.

 HONORING HONDO. Ohio State ain't about to let this hoops season pass by without honoring a proper Buckeye Legend.

From Joe Scalzo of the Canton Rep:

Holtmann said he expects the Buckeyes to honor the late John Havlicek in some way during the 2019-20 season. Havlicek died on April 25 at the age of 79.

“I believe something has to be in the works,” he said. “It has not not across my desk yet, but it will definitely happen.”

I often ponder who would go on my Mt. Rushmore of Ohio State basketball, but Havlicek is a no doubter, and it sounds like honoring him in some way is, as well.

As far as the tribute goes, I'd never say no to another throwback uniform, if the folks in charge could pull that off.

 DON'T WORRY, THEY'RE FINE. There have been a few injury scares for Buckeye rookies in the NFL already, with Mike Weber suffering a knee injury and Nick Bosa leaving practice with an apparent hamstring injury, but it seems both are fine.

Weber returned to practice this week, and Bosa has a mild hamstring strain.

So basically, Bosa's life will consist of video games and massages for the next few weeks while he banks millions of dollars. Can't hate that.

 MR. EVERYTHING. The more I hear about him, the more confident I am that Harry Miller has to be in the running for best overall human being that Ohio State has ever signed.

The dude is the No. 30 football player in America, was the valedictorian of his school (which is a top-20 high school in the state of Georgia), is a regular missionary to Nicaragua, and definitely ain't bad at piano either.

So I'm absolutely unshocked that he was named WSBTV's Male Athlete of the Year, because he's honestly one of the most impressive individuals I've ever stumbled upon.

If he didn't play one of the least glamorous positions in football – interior offensive line – the guy would have Tebow status by the time he left Columbus.

 LONG LAYOFF. It looks like we're going to have to wait quite a while between Ohio State's semifinal dumping of Clemson and claiming the natty over Bama, because there's an uncharacteristically long layover between games this year.

It's a little different, but I don't really have qualms. It extends college football season a few more days, so I'll gladly take it. I mean, around that time this year, I was desperately searching for an illegal stream of the Senior Bowl to get my fix.

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