Skull Session: Carlos Snow Overcoming Homelessness, Terry McLaurin Praise Continues, and Bert Bielema and Greg Schiano Battle for Patriots Defensive Coordinator Role

By Kevin Harrish on January 28, 2019 at 4:59 am
J.K. Dobbins celebrates today's Skull Session.

I'm pleased to inform you that I have taught my cat to fetch.

Now, if y'all have any advise on how to teach him that 3:43 a.m. is not fetch time, I'm all ears.

Word of the Day: Loquacious.

 GETTING BACK ON TRACK. You don't really expect to hear about Buckeye legends living out of their car following their glory days in the Scarlet and Gray.

But after a career-ending injury before his pro career began, bouts with depression and alcoholism, that's exactly where Buckeye great Carlos Snow found himself.

But he's on his way back up, with the help of a retired doctor by the name of Bernard Master.

From an incredible piece by Rob Oller of the Columbus Dispatch:

An OVI conviction in 2017 meant Snow spent more than a week in Hamilton County jail. It was then he decided “no more,” but pride kept him from seeking help. Instead, he suffered in silence, even when losing his job for a printing company last winter because he no longer was physically able to do the work.

He also lost his living quarters when child support (he was divorced in 2006), medical and college bills — he said he owes nearly $7,000 to the University of Cincinnati, where he attempted to finish his degree before money ran out — wiped out his bank account and sent him to the streets.

Along the way, Snow said he twice attempted to end his life. The thought of leaving his three sons fatherless kept him from self-destructing.


Enter Master, whose relationship with Snow is one of the few healthy ones he has. The doctor is helping Snow on multiple fronts, including a GoFundMe campaign that has collected nearly half of its $8,000 goal. Among the objectives is to help Snow return to school and earn a degree, whether at Ohio State or Cincinnati.

“I was a battalion surgeon with the 5th Mechanized Infantry Division in Vietnam,” Master said. “We never lost a battle, and we’re not going to lose one now.”

It's easy to look down on the homeless community, but the more I move into adulthood, the more I understand.

There have been more than a few times I've had bad luck or mad poor decisions and needed someone to help me out. It terrifies me to think about where I'd be if everyone in my life turned their backs.

But it sounds like someone is giving him some much needed help, and God bless Bernard Master for that.

If you'd like to help out, Master helped set up a GoFundMe page where you can donate. They already reached their $8,000 goal, but we all know goals are meant to be shattered, and I'm a huge fan of helping when I can.

And please give the entire article a read. Rob did a fantastic job, and Carlos poured his heart out. It deserves some attention.

 BERT VS. SCHIANO? A week ago Greg Schiano seemed to be headed to the Patriots in a "top defensive role."

It was widely assumed that meant defensive coordinator, but if that's the job he wants he might have to duel Bert Bielema for it.


But now Bielema may remain on in New England on a permanent basis. According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Bielema has been telling those around him he expects to be named the Patriots’ defensive coordinator after the Super Bowl.

There had been reporting that Bielema was expected to join the Pats’ outgoing defensive coordinator Brian Flores as the defensive line coach on Flores’ new staff with the Miami Dolphins, but apparently Belichick has other plans.

Such a promotion would also break precedent for Belichick, as Volin notes that outside hires such as Bill O’Brien and Dean Pees had to take position jobs before working their way up to coordinator roles. If Bielema does become New England’s next defensive coordinator, he would beat out the presumptive favorite in Greg Schiano, who is currently without a job after parting ways with Ohio State after the season.

Oh hell yeah. A Bert/Schiano power struggle in New England is exactly what I need to kick off the offseason. 

There are 3 million ways you could decide who gets the job, but if I'm Billy B I'm putting them both in a circle drill and finding out who wants it the most. Bert would have the clear size advantage, but Schiano is big on leverage and technique, so don't sleep on him.

 MORE TERRY MCLAURIN PRAISE. Scary Terry McLaurin caught four passes for 73 yards and took a handoff for 20-yard gain in Saturday's Senior Bowl.

It was a strong showing on the field, but Terry already won the week off it.

I would be ecstatic if Terry McLaurin was my boss one day. Hell, I'd let him lead me tomorrow.

 EZEKIEL ELLIOTT EDGE RUSHER. I'll be shocked if more than 17 of you watched the Pro Bowl in its entirety, which means there's a solid chance that you missed Ezekiel Elliott doing his best Big Bear impression.

The Pro Bowl is always an absolute disaster that's borderline unwatchable, so my official reaction to Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley moonlighting as edge rushers is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

At least someone is interested in playing defense.

 BUCKEYE BULLET ON THE ICE. Turns out, Ohio State hockey player Anthony Greco can absolutely fly.

At the AHL All-Star Game over the weekend, Greco set a new record for the league's fastest skater.

I spent most of my developmental years in the ice-free land called Georgia, and therefor I'm not sure I'd be able to do that in 13.251 minutes.

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