Skull Session: Terry McLaurin Expects to Run a 4.35, Karan Higdon on His Lose-Lose Guarantee, and McLaurin Vouches For Nick Bosa

By Kevin Harrish on January 24, 2019 at 4:59 am
Binjimen Victor is coming back in today's Skull Session.

If you told me before the game that Andre Wesson would go 9-for-10 from the field and 4-for-5 from three and that Justin Ahrens and Musa Jallow would combine for 18 points, I'd confidently wager my hard-earned money on the Bucks.

Thankfully for my cat, Elliott, who wishes to eat this week, I was not given such information.


Word of the Day: Withering.

 TERRY TO RUN A 4.35? The Week of Touchdown Terry continued on Wednesday with more dominating reps, more praise from scouts and GMs and a pretty bold prediction.

I feel like this isn't out of the question. People really underestimate McLaurin's athleticism, but it's always been there. I mean, the dude had the third-best SPARQ score at The Opening Finals coming out of high school.

Still, someone needs to talk to my guy about managing expectations. See, life ain't just about what you accomplish, it's about what you accomplish relative to what folks think you're capable of accomplishing.

If you think you're going to run a 4.35, tell the world you're going to run a 4.6, then when you run a 4.45 it's excellent, not disappointing.

 TERRY VOUCHES FOR NICK. The Cardinals are on the clock, and they asked Touchdown Terry for his #take on Nick Bosa, who they're strongly considering taking with the No. 1 overall pick.

Terry advised them to select the Bosa.

From Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports:

“And they asked, ‘Would you take Nick Bosa?' And I said, ‘Yes, for the No. 1 overall pick.’”


Bosa sustained a core muscle injury on Sept. 15 and underwent surgery two weeks later that was expected to involve a 12-week rehabilitation. On Oct. 17, Ohio State announced Bosa had withdrawn from school to concentrate on his rehabilitation for the draft.

“To be honest, I understood,” McLaurin said Wednesday at the Senior Bowl. “He has a life-changing opportunity. And while we missed him and we wish we could’ve had him, we understood. People couldn’t appreciate how serious his injury was.

“Even if he would’ve been able to come back, it may not have been until the Big Ten championship game. And he wouldn’t have been 100-percent healthy. So for him to put himself in that situation, not healthy, a 50-percent Nick Bosa is not good enough. We need 100 percent. We understood. We didn’t take any offense to it. But we did miss him.”

I think choosing anybody else for the No. 1 overall pick would be drastically overthinking things.

There could be another player that turns out to be better, but Nick is a more polished version of the defensive Rookie of the Year and a Pro Bowler. Take him. This isn't hard.

 LOSE-LOSE SITUATION. Remember when Karan Higdon half-heartedly guaranteed a Michigan win over Ohio State before the massacre? He does. And he still feels like it was probably the correct response to the question.

From Aaron McMann

“It is what it is,” Higdon told MLive on Tuesday during Senior Bowl prep. “It was a tough question -- tough situation. Either way, it was a lose-lose. You don’t expect someone to try and pinpoint you, or put you in a corner like that.”


“If I guaranteed a win?,” Higdon said then, trying to get clarification on the question being asked. That’s when he paused. “Hm.” Then he paused again before offering up a half-hearted guarantee, in between laughter.

Truth be told, Higdon said he felt like he had no choice but to answer the question the way he did.

“I think I could have handled it differently as well,” Higdon said. "I could have just knocked off the question or avoided the question and took criticism for that. Either way, I would have received criticism.

“It is what it is.”

I mean, he ain't totally wrong. Once that question was asked, he was secured at least three slots in the Skull Session that week, regardless of how he responded.

Now, as someone who was absolutely going to write about whatever he said, I feel qualified to tell you that something along the lines of "I'm extremely confident, but I'm going to let my play do the talking" would have been about the most boring response possible, if that's what you're looking for.

But I'm extremely blessed he didn't say that, and even more blessed that he's in an eternal lose-lose-lose-lose situation against Ohio State.

 SPEND A TON, MAKE A LITTLE MORE THAN YOU SPENT. It's the American dream, and it's what Ohio State's athletic department did in 2018, both bringing in over just $200 million and spending just over $200 million.

From USA Today:

The Ohio State and Texas A&M athletics programs each had more than $200 million in operating revenue during their 2018 fiscal years, their new financial reports to the NCAA show.

Ohio State also crossed $200 million in operating expenses, joining Texas in exceeding that figure on both sides of its ledger for 2018 and continuing what have been huge increases in its budget. This is the first time three public schools have exceeded $200 million in operating revenue in a single year.


Ohio State had $205.6 million in operating revenue and $203.8 million in operating expenses, according to a document it provided to USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday in response to an open-records request.

The income figure represents a more than $20 million increase from 2017 and the spending total represents a more than $30 million increase.

This is the second time in four years that Ohio State has had a single-year revenue increase of more than $20 million. In 2016, it jumped from just over $145 million to just over $167 million.

If I could invest money in Ohio State Football and see dividends, I'd be like Scrooge McDuck skiing down a mountain of bullion.

But I'll do the next best thing and ride the wave with my Internet words.

 THE WOODY GETS A MAKEOVER. Ryan Day is the head man at Ohio State, and now the walls of the Woody acknowledge that.

If they're looking for someplace to dispose of the old wallpaper, my walls need redone and I'm not too proud to accept charity.

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