Skull Session: Miller Says Haskins Will Win the Heisman, Meyer's Birthday Gift, and Brees Booms Ohio State

By D.J. Byrnes on July 11, 2018 at 4:59 am
Mike Weber runs through the July 11 2018 Skull Session

Personal news: I am stepping away from the Skull Session for a two-day excursion to Cumberland Gap. Kevin, the Hand of the King, will handle the Thursday and Friday Skull Sessions. Please spit on him as you do me.


​Word of the Day: Obelus.

 REAL RECOGNIZES REAL. On another timeline, Braxton Miller went on to win a Heisman Trophy as a quarterback at Ohio State. Unfortunately on this one his shoulder didn't cooperate.

Nonetheless, Miller, entering his third year as a Houston Texans receiver, recently returned to the Dayton area for a youth camp where he tabbed Dwayne Haskins as the next in line.


“I told him that one day he’s going to win the Heisman,” Miller said with a smile. “I’ve known Dwayne for two years now. Man, he’s dope, he’s nice.”

“You know, if he doesn’t run [as much] — and you can’t expect him to do some the things that we did — he’s a hell of a passer,” Miller said. “But he’s mobile. I’ve seen him run, and he’s nice, man.

“I mean, he’s going to strive for it. And they’re going to fix it up for him and put the best situation around him.”

Choo choo, y'all. A reckoning is coming, and enemies of our glorious state won't like it.

 NO ONE MAN SHOULD HAVE ALL THAT POWER. The multimillionaire Urban Meyer turned 54 yesterday. What do you get a man who treats the world as his oyster? As it turns out, he remains a suburban dad at heart.

I knew I was getting old when I reveled in purchasing a washer and dryer. I know I'll reach the next chapter of my life when a power washer enters the fray.

 THIS GUY GETS IT. The New Orleans Saints have turned into a safe-haven for former Buckeyes. Though they have old Tressel standbys like Kurt Coleman and Tedd Ginn, it has a lot to do with the type of player Urban Meyer produces:

Sorry to disappoint Brees, but the Browns cracked the code in the past draft. The floodgates will open after Denzel Ward's rookie year.

 POTENTIAL CURSE, AHOY. If Urban Meyer never wins another championship at Ohio State it will be because he welshed on a 2014 championship bet.

Darron Lee hasn't forgotten:

Get the dang tattoo, Urban. It's the right thing to do.

 HARBAUGH! This is the man upon which Michigan pins its hopes this season:

Good luck with that one, blue noses.

 THOSE WMDs. Oral history of Step Brothers... Sex, beer and coding: Facebook's wild early days... Japan's vegetable-eating men... Meditation under the microscope... Bull on the mountain.

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