Skull Session: Tate on “Stacked” Offense, Baseball Bucks Complete OSU Hat Trick, and a Cali Bill Limiting Salaries to $200K

By D.J. Byrnes on May 29, 2018 at 4:59 am
Jaylen Harris catches the May 29 2018 Skull Session

The Ohio Treasury thanks all out-of-state travelers that refused to use cruise control this Memorial Day weekend. We will use your confiscated gold to abolish school lunch debt and college tuition.


Word of the Day: Dacha.

 TATE SPEAKS IN CALI. Tate Martell attended the Steve Clarkson quarterback camp in California this weekend, where he took the opportunity to talk smack to Shea Patterson.

He also spoke on Urban Meyer promising him a chance to compete despite Dwyane Haskins being ahead of him, his growth in the spring, the Buckeyes' stacked offense, and more.


Martell says "it's not even close" comparing him now to when he first matriculated at Ohio State. His knowledge of the playbook has expanded and he has more velocity.

Martell also predicted he'll play "a good amount of the game" even if he doesn't win the starting spot and that the Buckeyes should go to the playoffs this year "with this kind of talent."

Which, of course, sounds good to me.

 TRIPLE THREAT. The Ohio State baseball team earned its second NCAA bid in three years Sunday. It put the Buckeyes into rare Power 5 company in terms of schools that made the postseason in football, men's basketball, and baseball.


ACC (4)
Florida State
NC State

Big Ten (2)
Ohio State

Big 12 (3)
Texas Tech

Pac-12 (1)

SEC (2)
Texas A&M

Decision to accept a bid to the 2011 Bowl aside, Gene Smith may have a campus statue when the dust settles.

 CALI COULD CLIP COACHES' COINS. When the coastal elite created colleges, they never anticipated football coaches to be the highest compensated member on the staff.

But it has become that way because colleges have crunched the numbers, and an elite football team can raise an academic profile seemingly overnight.

But the coaching cottage industry could change in California if a proposed bill becomes law.


California state legislators announced a state constitutional amendment Tuesday that aims to restrict the University of California’s autonomy by reducing staff salaries, the length of regents’ terms and the authority of the UC president.

The proposed amendment limits nonfaculty salaries to $200,000 per year, which would affect coaches that, on some campuses, make millions of dollars, and administrators that make hundreds of thousands of dollars. The proposal also requires the UC Board of Regents to approve higher salaries in public hearings.

This could never happen in Ohio. There would be armed revolution if any idiot in the statehouse ever proposed to reduce Urban Meyer's salary by 98%. I'm not saying whether that's good or bad. Just that is how it would transpire.

 LeDOMINANCE. Here is what the Big 12 looked like the last time Larbon Jim the Ohio Lad missed the NBA Finals.



For those unable to comprehend the space-time continuum in Big 12 terms, here is what it looks like on the Buckeye timeline:

I don't know if the Cavaliers will win the title. I do know the Kang is the Demario McCall of basketball.

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