Skull Session: Congrats or Whatever to Alabama

By D.J. Byrnes on January 9, 2018 at 4:59 am
J.K. Dobbins and Tony Alford discuss the January 09 2018 Skull Session

I lied. I watched the big game. Georgia looked like it was going to win but it switched. 

Nick Saban, trailing at halftime, made the bully move and replaced his quarterback with a freshman. That freshman led him to Bama's second undisputed title in three years.

Do I have thoughts? No. Why would anybody think I have thoughts? 


Word of the Day: Oleaginous.

 THE HUNT BEGINS NOW. The 2017 season is over. Anybody talking about is living in the past. For me, the Ohio State fan, I'm already on to the 2018 season.

Here's where those rankings stand, according to one sportsbook that undoubtedly made millions of dollars last night on Georgia (+4):

Looks 'bout right to me, though I wish I could taunt every Michigan Man walking to a betting counter intent on wagering on their team.

Betting real money on a Jim Harbaugh-coached team to win the title? It's a better investment to light that money on fire in an abandoned warehouse in Detroit. 

 TATE CALLS HIS SHOT. Tate Martell, who has already assembled a sizable militia ready to die for him despite not playing a snap, tweeted this last night:

On one hand, I respect the swagger. It's almost like he blogs for a living. On the other hand...

.... There are other kinds of tweets other than impulsive ones? I did not realize.

 SCOTT FROST KEEPS IT REAL. Nothing but respect for MY national championship coach:

Frost will be good at Nebraska. Will it be enough to win the Big Ten? I don't think so, but ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

 WHY GEORGIA LOST. Georgia took another Civil War loss. As an Ohioan, I can't believe it either.

From The New York Times:

Famous as a Civil War anthem of the North, “Battle Hymn” was inspired by a song that honored the antislavery martyr John Brown. The apocalyptic lyrics cast the South as a serpent, the biblical embodiment of evil, and link the Union to a divine mission, imploring, “Let us die to make men free.”

That seems strange for a band that was named Dixie at one time,” said Brett Bawcum, who was a Redcoat Marching Band drum major as an undergraduate and is now Georgia’s associate director of athletic bands.

Georgia adopted the tune barely three decades after the Confederacy’s surrender. It was a time when “Battle Hymn” was less divisive than it had been or would later become. Slapping on new lyrics was easy. In the Georgia version, its precursor’s thrice-repeated lyric, “Glory, glory Hallelujah,” is replaced with, “Glory, Glory to old Georgia,” and the line “His truth is marching on” is supplanted by “G-E-O-R-G-I-A.”

Georgia is going to feel that loss for generations, too. At least they have Jake Fromm for two more years. I'd be cool if the Browns drafted him No. 1 overall in April.

 WISE WORDS. Move over, Sun Tzu, there's a new general in town:

Sounds like Tate knew what he was talking about after all.

 THOSE WMDs. All gummy bears taste the same... At Grant medical center, a balloon can save gunshot victims... The Rockefellers vs. The Company That Made Them the Rockefellers... Losing faith in The State, Mexican towns quietly break away.

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