Skull Session: #HowSheGoneEat, That Time Torrance Gibson Tried to Transfer, and the Origins of Happy Jamarco

By D.J. Byrnes on August 15, 2016 at 4:59 am
Tracy Sprinkle is wondering how she's gon eat for the August 15th 2016 SKull Session

Specific #shoutout to Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe in Greenville. Bossy burgers, thick milkshakes, and prices that made me think I fell into a portal back to 1937.

11W's full coverage from Ohio State's 2016 media day:

 HOW SHE GONE EAT? Tracy Sprinkle showed up to fall camp check-in wearing a shirt emblazoned with "#HowSheGoneEat." It had been a staple of Buckeye Twitter weeks before that. It befuddled the 11W commentariat

We got our answer Sunday. The hashtags roots can be traced to Tyquan Lewis and his girlfriend, Ameryst Alston, a former Buckeye basketballer.

From 97.1 The Fan's Lori Schmidt:

My only question is, were Lewis' tags expired or did someone bomb his truck outside a pool party?

I kid, of course. However, props to Lewis' boys for carrying the meme all the way to t-shirts. Few joys in life rival flaming your friend.

 SHOUTOUT TO MAMA GIBSON. Torrance Gibson came to Ohio State as one of the top dual-threat quarterbacks in the country. Logjammed behind J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones, Gibson decided to switch to wide receiver.

And though he came to Columbus with the expectations usually attached to elite athletes, things didn't go according to plan as he ended up taking a redshirt. He also struggled to adjust to college life.

Things got so bad, he decided to transfer. Then Mama Gibson stepped in. 


I wasn’t ready,” Gibson told the media Sunday during Ohio State’s media day. “At Virginia Tech, I wasn’t ready. The coaches knew, and that’s why I didn’t play.”


“My confidence wasn’t high,” Gibson said. “I wasn’t as confident as I was in high school. I wasn’t 100 percent ready to go.”


"I called my mom and I’m like ‘I’m coming home,'” Gibson shared. “She said ‘What? No. If you come home you’re not living here,’ and she hung up on me."

Credit to Gibson for the maturation, but more credit to Mama Gibson for recognizing the tough love her son required.

Adolphus Washington almost quit Ohio State when Joey Bosa supplanted him. His father snuffed that notion, and Adolphus went on to become a third-round draft pick.

Hopefully, things end in similar fashion for Gibson.

 THE ORIGINS OF HAPPY JAMARCO. One of my proudest accomplishments in my time at Eleven Warriors is proliferating the Happy Jamarco meme.

Sunday, Jason sat down with Jamarco and picked his brain. He loves the meme, as fans usually send it to him on social media when he does good things. 

Also glad to see Jamarco isn't one of these elitists talking about Columbus' "trash pizza." If you can't find acceptable pizza in Columbus, you probably pay other people to clean your house and eat caviar.

 CAN'T GUARD MIKE. You know, maybe an NFL team should have drafted Mike Thomas in the first round:

If Thomas keeps this up, the Rookie of the Year race will be a two-horse race between him and Ezekiel Elliott.

 NO. 2 AIN'T THAT BAD, HONESTLY. As long as I remember, Ohio State had the most regal helmets in college football. Unfortunately, that run will come to an end this year.

The good news is Ohio State will be playing Tulsa, not Air Force, on Sept. 10.

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