Skull Session: Joey Bosa Thinks He's the Best, Nick Bosa is a Beast, Harbaugh Wrestles a Recruit and More

By Jeremy Birmingham on February 27, 2016 at 6:00 am
Braxton Miller against Penn State

Hi everyone, it's me, Birm.

I'm writing this morning's Skull Session as the Lord of Whiskers, DJ Byrnes, is on a well-deserved and much-needed vacation.

Some of you, the more tenured members of 11W may remember that years ago, back in 2011 when I started writing for the site (it's kind of amazing it's been that long, now that I type it out), we used to rotate Skullies and I wrote more than a few of these back then. Since, DJ has turned the daily dose of Buckeyecentric news and information into an art form, and though I feel completely inadequate next to his greatness, I'm gonna give it a shot. 

Saturday Skully

 BOSA SAYS HE'S THE BEST PLAYER IN THE DRAFT. If you weren't aware, our dynamic and devilishly handsome football beat writer, Eric Seger, is on hand for the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. There are–and this is just going off my memory so it could be wrong–323 Buckeye players in attendance, one of which is All-American defensive end Joey Bosa. 

Yesterday, Bosa got his first taste of the NFL media and took the podium to introduce himself and, in doing so, made sure all 32 professional football teams in attendance knew that he's the best player in the draft.

From Eric Seger:

"I do believe I'm the best player in the draft," Bosa said Friday when he met the media at the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. "There's of course a lot of amazing players in the draft and it's going to be up to Tennessee to make that decision. But I think as a top player, if you don't believe that then there's something wrong."

When it comes to the NFL Draft, positional need usually outweighs best overall talent, and the Tennessee Titans, who hold the first pick in the draft, need a whole bunch of overall talent, so it will be interesting to see how it shakes out. ESPN mouthpiece Skip Bayless, known for his bold stances on stuff no one cares about, had an opinion that echoed Joey's own.

If Bosa ends up in the AFC South with Tennessee or anywhere else, says that his time at Ohio State has made him ready for anything.

"Thanks for hatin' on us."

 LITTLE BOSA IS ON WAY AND HE'S GETTING HEALTHY. The truth is, we're all going to miss Joey Bosa and to expect any player to replicate his impact on the defense is unfair and will likely lead you to being disappointed. 


If there's one dude out there that may be a reasonable facsimile, it's his little brother Nick, who will enroll at Ohio State in June. The five-star defensive end prospect has been recovering from a knee surgery that resulted from an October injury, and according to his father, John, things are going well.

From last night's The Hurry Up:

"(Nick is) right on schedule," John Bosa, Nick's father told Eleven Warriors. "He should be full go near camp time. Ohio State will evalute when he gets up there and Dr. James Andrews will see him before he goes (to Columbus) in June."

That's not all. His father said that Nick's got his mind and body right and focused on getting to work as soon as he's in town.

"He's feeling very strong right now, he hasn't missed one knee therapy session. I'm sure when he gets there in June they will implement a plan predicated around his knee," the elder Bosa said of his youngest son. "(He) works upper body on all other days. He's 269 pounds and benched 225 pounds 29 times and could have kept going. He's a beast."

Beast, redux.

 YOU JUST GET WEIRDER EVERYDAY, JIM. I'm on record as saying that I think Jim Harbaugh is kind of a beautiful disaster, and with every passing day, it seems he takes things to a new level of insane. He will go to any length to relate to a recruit, which is interesting, and he's working hard to rile up the SEC, which is glorious. 

Taking that into consideration, anything he does shouldn't be a major surprise from this point, right? 

#WhatIFIToldYou that a college football head coach, at the University of Michigan, wrestled a recruit during a visit the prospect was making to the school? 

I think it's time that we appreciate this insanity for what it is: horribly terrific. I've talked to a number of college coaches, staffers from around the country in the last few months about the antics in Ann Arbor and while–to a man– they shudder at the thought of anyone in their respective programs acting similarly, it's impossible to deny the impact Harbaugh has made.

To paraphrase the great Jerry Seinfield: "“Looking at (Harbaugh) is like looking at the sun. You don't stare at it. It's too risky. Ya get a sense of it and then you look away.”

 SET YOUR CALENDARS FOR THE SECOND 11W GOLF OUTING. Our esteemable Matt Gutridge, known to the majority of you as Remy, has got the deets on the Second Annual 11W Grassroots Golf Outing.

Last year's event was a good time (when we weren't stuck in a monsoon) and though I was unable to swing the sticks as I recovered from a wrist issue, I fully intend on being at the Harbor Hills Country Club in Hebron on July 23rd to kick all of your asses on the links.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

 OHIO STATE WIDE RECEIVERS DO THE DAMN THING. You know, there's a lot of people who questioned the decision of Jalin Marshall, the production of Michael Thomas and the polish of Braxton Miller heading into the NFL Draft Combine but today that group is going to get a chance to shut up the masses. Yesterday, in the weight room, they started the process.

It wasn't just Thomas putting in the work on the bench.

The Zone 6 gang, which Urban Meyer called a "clown show" a few short years ago, is getting yoked.

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