Skull Session: Coaches Reflect on Braxton's Freakish Athleticism, Picking N.I.T. Foes, and Ohio State Named Most-Hated

By D.J. Byrnes on February 26, 2016 at 4:59 am
Sam Hubbard is looking forward to the February 26th 2016 Skull Session

To Buckeye Kingdom —

I regret to inform you that this is my last Skull Session until March 2nd. I redeemed three vacation days, and I'm headed to North Carolina. If anybody has any recommendations of sights/sounds/foods in Charlotte I need to know about please let me know in the comments.

The Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday Skull Sessions will be handled by Birm, Eric, and Tim. I'd like to think of this like NBA players coming down to Rucker Park for a few games. Please treat them well.


 BREAKING: BRAXTON MILLER IS A RARE ATHLETE. Braxton Miller won't run drills at the 2016 NFL Combine until Saturday, but the former Ohio State wide receiver already sees himself as a first-round pick.

With Miller out the door, two former coaches who had front-row seats to Miller's escapades spoke on what the team that drafts him will be getting.


"I never asked, but I think if you went to him before the Orange Bowl and tried to find out -- Does he see himself as an NFL quarterback? -- he might've said no," said Mickey Marotti, Ohio State's assistant AD for football sports performance. "I didn't know what that answer was. So after the injury, I asked him. And he said, 'No, I see myself as an NFL athlete.'"


 "I had no idea a 6-foot-1, 215-pound guy could move like that," explained Houston coach Tom Herman, Miller's offensive coordinator at Ohio State from 2012 through '14. "He was the fastest player on the team, had the quickest first step, the best change of direction. It was video-game stuff."

» "I think, if he's healthy and feels great, he's gonna knock it out of the park," Marotti said, of what he expects from Miller in Indy. "I've timed him sub-4.4 [in the 40-yard dash]. You just don't know on that stage, but I'd say high 4.3s, right at 4.4 or low 4.4s. Or even faster."

I'm telling you: Braxton Miller to the Bengals. 

 PICKING N.I.T. PONIES. For a second there I thought Ohio State might hit a backdoor portal into the NCAA Tournament... and then Jae'Sean Tate tore his left labrum with Michigan State banging on the door.

So here we are, picking N.I.T. ponies! I wasn't excited about it until I learned there's a chance the Buckeyes draw the Crimson Tide.


Alabama Crimson Tide
CURRENT RECORD: 16-11 (7-8 in SEC)
NIT PROJECTIONS: No. 2 seed on, No. 3 on

The meeting everyone wants to see in football every year hasn't happened in basketball since 1979. Maybe Urban Meyer and Nick Saban can arm wrestle for recruits at halftime. 

Other possibilities named: LSU, Marquette, and something called the Evansville Purple Aces. If Ohio State does draw an invite, hopefully they can uphold Kosta Koufos' honor. 

 OH WELL. This is unscientific, but I don't do science anyway. According to Reddit, Ohio State is the most-hated college in 2016.

Via r/CFB:

r/CFB hate map 2016
trash northeast

Looks like the Northeast is still a little sore about Ohio State's waxing of Rutgers in 2015. 

 WALK-ON RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. Cin'Quan Haney, a junior safety walk-on from Dayton and Engineering major, is running for student government president:


I would like to announce that I'm running for President of The Ohio State University Undergraduate Student Government. This is a great opportunity to bring diversity and inclusion to the foreground of the university conversation at the highest level of undergraduate student leadership. I intend to create a dialogue across campus that reaches communities of every identity. It is time for our student government to represent us(ALL STUDENTS). With my best friend, Curtis Henry, as my running mate—we intend to create a safer and more inclusive campus, while making undergraduate student government more transparent so that all students can get involved with the democratic process free of tacit barriers. I hope you will write us in. #TogetherOsu FOLLOW @writeinhaneyhenry PLEASE and inform others.

A photo posted by Cin'Quan Haney (@cinquanhaney) on


 WHERE IN THE WORLD IS EVAN RAVENEL? Remember Evan Ravenel? He's living large in Okinawa, Japan:

I have no idea what Yakiniku is... but I'll take two to go, please.

 THOSE WMDs. They better hope that's not Oberlyn Martell's music... Score one for the dogs... The Radioactive Boy Scout... One family's drug trafficking, kidnapping, and murder charges turned a Texas teacher fugitive... Can you spot the Oscar among the C-3POs?

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