Tuesday Skull Session

By D.J. Byrnes on August 5, 2014 at 6:00 am

The 1939 Battlin' Buckeyes, via The Ohio State Archives


Fall camp opened yesterday. Here is Patrick's report, Walt's photos and some videos.

BENNETT'S ROOMIES. On the heels of Aaron Craft's roommates having a popular Twitter account, it was only a matter of time before another group of dudes leveraged the popularity of their athlete-roommate for some quasi-fame.

Bennett's house sounds a lot more interesting than Craft's, though.

From Dave Briggs of The Toledo Blade:

A typical night for the crew might be spent on the couch watching an indie comedy on Netflix — Wedding Crashers is a mainstream weakness — or, as of last week, updating the new house Twitter account. The buddies call it Bennett Besties, a playful riff on the popular Craft’s Roomies handle, except a “little more out there,” roommate Brandon Beam said.

For instance, instead of Taco Tuesdays at former Buckeyes basketball star Aaron Craft’s house, there will be Tinder Tuesdays.

“Two of our roommates are single, so we were going to get on Tinder [a dating app] and Mike and I would pick dates for them,” Beam said. “Then we would go with them to make it that much more awkward. ... There really is never a dull moment here.”

TIL: Dudes take women they meet on Tinder on actual dates.

LOOKIN' GOOD, JACK MEWHORT. Always cool (and good) when organizations make you humiliate yourself in front of the group:

If this is a "Hulk Hogan cut" shouldn't there be a bandanna?

JON WATERS REPLACEMENTS NAMED. Ohio State named Russel Mikkelson and Scott Jones as the Co-Interim Directors of the Best Damn Band in the Land. 

Jon Waters will also speak to the media for the first time today:

I heard Waters has an interview with the Columbus Dispatch coming down the pike as well. (I'm as shocked as you that I wasn't granted the first media interview.)

OSU SITTING PRETTY. Ohio State will get an official visit from 2015's No. 1 outside linebacker, Malik Jefferson:

Bucks also sitting pretty with 2015's No. 7 outside linebacker, Ricky DeBerry:

And here's how Ohio State is pushing their program this week (Sammy must read my Skull Sessions):

OSU ON ESPN MARATHON. Ohio State's men's basketball team will play Marquette mens' basketball team at 7:30 PM on November 18th. It will be broadcast on ESPN2, and apart of ESPN's 24-hour basketball marathon.

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