Videos: Ohio State's First Fall Camp Practice for Upperclassmen

By 11W Staff on August 4, 2014 at 6:04p

Ohio State football upperclassmen reported to their first practice of fall camp this afternoon at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center to an eclectic soundtrack.

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Looks like JT Moore is getting his coaching career started early, helping out with the TE's! Good to see that he's still staying involved with the team.

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Who is #76?  Dude is a giant among giants.

Dan Isaacs

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Darryl Baldwin

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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The interview with Meyer is great. If you time to watch 1 video, for sure watch that one. Very insightful.

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I guess I got my swagger back...

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Oh snap, looks like Bell is going to have to earn his spot back

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All i hear is keyboards

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Although the interview with Coach Meyer was hard to hear....THANKS for the vids!

2014 Undisputed National Champions!

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the main thing i took away, you better come every day to compete or you'll find yourself out of discussion for PT. Good stuff, Urban's got this going baby. 

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Did you guys catch the "Armani will likely be the Nickel" comment from Urban at around the 8:12 mark? Most have been saying, and it was even written in yesterday's position battle article, that Reeves would be the favorite to line up opposite Grant, but that certainly suggested otherwise, no?

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actually, not exactly. One of the starting corners can slide into the nickel spot and the guy coming in could move to an outside corner spot (as a KC Chiefs fan, our starting corner was Brandon Flowers but in a nickel situation he slid into the nickel spot). Apparently the nickel is a big position in this defense, much like the STAR was a big position in the last defense (Tyvis Powell played about as much as any other DB)

I see Doran Grant and Armani Reeves starting from minute one in game one. The question is will that be with 5 DBs on the field from the start or as the bookends in the standard 4-3-4. I guess we will see how training camp goes though and it is possible that Conley, Apple and others might have made that leap. Against Navy, I have a feeling it will be a standard lineup with their triple option offense. I wouldn't be surprised if it was even 3 safeties and one corner covering the sole wideout. Navy uses a lot of backfield players with TE's and RB's. The best tackling corner might see some early PT.

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Well put, Squirrel. I guess that option had crossed my mind, I just don't recall seeing it used here. Have we, in previous years, used a starting CB as the Nickel? Granted, previous years don't apply with Ash taking over this season.

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Yeah, I think Ash might have made that change. As I said, the STAR was the 5th DB on the field and it was usually played by a 3rd safety, not a corner. Plus I think it might be Reeves skills that make him viable to be that type of player.

I think situation will dictate it the most. If the opponents best player plays in the slot, and Doran plays strictly on the outside, it might be better to move Reeves in instead of having an inexperienced player come in off the bench to cover the slot. If its a team like Navy which is run oriented, Reeves might stay on the outside and there won't be a nickel. I do hope they are able to be versatile like that. Last year seemed like no one was able to move around (outside of the DL players and Shazier) and they were told just to play soft zone and try to prevent any big plays (which became ironic).

I see a lot of players that can do a lot of different things and I think it starts with DBs that can be versatile.

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Awww yeah, they listen to BRUCE as they practice.

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More More More More - can never get enough. With the talent we have returning and all the freshmen coming in, Coach Ash and Coach Johnson have got to be grinning from ear to ear with the talent level. It's going to be a fun ride.