Real Pod Wednesdays: Previewing Ohio State’s Cotton Bowl Matchup with Missouri

By Dan Hope and Andy Anders on December 27, 2023 at 9:30 am
Carnell Tate

Ohio State’s 2023 season finale has arrived.

While the Buckeyes aren’t playing for a national championship as hoped, they still have an intriguing matchup to wrap up the year as they take on No. 9 Missouri in the Cotton Bowl on Friday. While the game might mean more to Missouri than it does to Ohio State, the Buckeyes are still plenty motivated to conclude their season with a victory to take some momentum into 2024.

A win over the Tigers won’t come easily, however, as Missouri possesses what might be the best offense Ohio State has faced all season while the Buckeyes will be breaking in a new starting quarterback and are expected to be without star receiver Marvin Harrison Jr.

What do the Buckeyes need to do on both sides of the ball to earn a win over the Tigers and which Ohio State players will we be keeping a close eye on in the final game of the season? We break it all down in our final Real Pod Wednesdays of 2023.

The rundown for this week’s show:

  • 1:44: Ohio State looks plenty motivated as the vast majority of the Buckeyes will play in this game
  • 2:54: Most of Ohio State’s juniors will play, and many of them could be back at OSU next year, too
  • 8:16: Luther Burden highlights an offense that might be the best Ohio State has faced all season
  • 11:27: This game will be a big factor in how Ohio State’s 2023 defensive performance is remembered
  • 13:22: Running quarterbacks have given Ohio State some problems, and Brady Cook has that ability
  • 15:39: The completeness of Missouri’s offense is what makes it particularly tough to stop
  • 18:47: Missouri’s defense isn’t great, but it’s not bad
  • 20:55: Ohio State enters this game with plenty of questions on offense, starting with Devin Brown
  • 22:53: It’s a “Lose Yourself” moment for Devin Brown as he tries to become Ohio State’s 2024 QB
  • 29:44: Carnell Tate has the opportunity for a breakout like Marvin Harrison Jr. had two years ago
  • 32:07: Xavier Johnson could play a big role and everyone will want to see him have a big game
  • 37:02: Josh Proctor is another six-year success story that looks to finish on a high note
  • 43:01: Ohio State’s 2024 defense has massive upside, but that starts with finishing 2023 strong
  • 48:12: Dallan Hayden can build momentum for 2024 with increased opportunity to play
  • 49:40: Ohio State’s offensive line looks to get back on track after disappointing Michigan game
  • 52:00: It sounds like we might have to wait until next year to see C.J. Hicks get unleashed
  • 54:29: Why we’re both predicting a close win for Ohio State

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