Real Pod Wednesdays: What We Miss About Being at Ohio Stadium, Which NFL Buckeyes We're Excited to Watch and How No Fall Season Could Affect Ohio State's Draft Prospects

By Dan Hope and Colin Hass-Hill on September 9, 2020 at 1:30 pm
Ohio Stadium
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The NFL season begins this week, but Ohio Stadium remains closed and the Big Ten still can't make up its mind.

Without much in the way of actual new developments from the Big Ten over the past week, we begin this week's show by talking about what we missed about covering what would have been Ohio State's first game of the season on Saturday, as Dan reflected on his visit to an empty Ohio Stadium on the day the Buckeyes should have been hosting Bowling Green.

Then, we shifted gears to talking about the upcoming NFL season and which new Buckeyes in the league we're most excited to watch this weekend, followed by a discussion on which current Ohio State players could have their NFL draft stocks most affected if they don't get to play a season this fall.

We couldn't get through the show without some talk about the ongoing Big Ten saga, though, as Colin wrapped up this week's edition of Three Things We Think with a rant on the Big Ten's failure to plan for a postponed football season and its continued indecisiveness and lack of public messaging about what it will do next.

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