For Ohio: Ohio State President Michael Drake Expresses Pride in Ohio State's Response to COVID-19 Crisis

By Kevin Harrish on April 9, 2020 at 4:05 pm
Michael Drake

We're living in uncertain times during the COVID-19 outbreak, but Ohio is gonna get through it together – and have some fun along the way.

Classes may be canceled, but that doesn't mean Ohio State is shut down, especially when one of the state's largest hospitals is on campus.

The truth is, Ohio State isn't just active during this time, its on the front lines. And Ohio State University president Michael Drake wants to make sure those Buckeyes are getting the recognition they deserve – from the doctors and nurses to the bus drivers and food service workers.

Go Bucks, indeed.

Get dumped then, COVID-19.

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Let's Laugh

We've needed some lighthearted fun during this crisis, and thankfully, Reddit has delivered almost every time.

Behold, this glorious Amy Acton as Dr. Mario ROM hack:

Made an Amy Acton Dr. Mario rom hack. So bored. from r/Columbus


Someone needs to work that into an actual playable game ASAP because I'd absolutely pass some of my quarantine days playing an 8-bit, virus-killing Amy Acton.

Humans Being Human

Special Ed Teachers are Special

Homeschooling ain't easy for any parent, but it's especially difficult for parents with children who have special needs.

Thankfully, special ed teachers are heroes from a distance, too, helping parents however they can.

Brody has autism so being home from school, away from his routine, teachers, and friends, has been tough, especially for his mom.

"One of the number one things he's definitely missing out on is the teacher's ability to educate him in a way I cannot. He's also missing out on a huge social aspect of school and being with his friends, a lot of them are good for Brody. They speak in full sentences so he models that behavior," Watson says. "Another part is his comprehension to understand why are we doing this with my mommy instead of at school with my teachers. No amount of stories will click. That transition is 10 times harder than that of a child who doesn't have that developmental delay or special need."


Abby Davis, Co-Founder and Executive Director at Bridgeway Academy, says they're doing what they can to help.

"All of our kids have different needs. There might be a student who may be able to sit here and have a conversation to other students who can't sit for a minute," she says, "Have a schedule, schedules are good for everybody, wake up at the same time. Say this is the time we will have school. Our teachers are calling and doing Zooms and Google Meets so that's been really great ."

All teachers are heroes, but special ed teachers are heroes among heroes. Hats off to them, doing what they can during this time.

Take Me Home

Remember that time Marshon Lattimore was the most dominant cornerback in college football?

Me too, but that ain't gonna stop me from watching the highlights again.

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