For Ohio: New COVID-19 Projections Are Far More Optimistic, Showing a Significantly Flattened Curve

By Kevin Harrish on April 8, 2020 at 4:05 pm
The curve is flat.

We're living in uncertain times during the COVID-19 outbreak, but Ohio is gonna get through it together – and have some fun along the way.

"Flatten the Curve" has been the mantra of the past few weeks, and we're happy to report that's exactly what's been happening in the Buckeye State.

The state was initially projecting 9,800 new cases of COVID-19 at the peak spread of the virus – even after social distancing measures – but Ohio's latest projection is expecting just 1,600 new cases per day at peak.

Behold, the flattened curve:

Things are looking up, but according to Gov. Mike DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton, we aren't quite out of the woods yet. However, what we've been doing is working. So keep doing it.

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Let's Laugh

Social distancing hasn't been easy, but Brutus has been doing his best to get us through it with his social media antics.

Now, he's trying his hand at magic.

Incredible. I have no idea where the water went. However, Brutus should probably invest in some Depends.

Singing with the Siren

Wednesday's noon siren brings a sense of normalcy to an extremely abnormal time in our lives. My man Stanley agrees.

We needed Stanley on the front lines on that dark Wednesday when Ohio shut down the siren.

Humans Being Human

First-Time Donor

The social distancing measures were enacted to save lives, but they had what was perhaps an unforeseen side effect: a massive blood shortage.

With everyone staying at home, there has been what the American Red Cross describes as an "unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations," resulting in an extreme need for blood donations.

That urgent need led 67-year-old Terry Mellons to donate for the first time in his life.

This is not the usual way of things for the Red Cross, but these are not usual times. Things have changed so drastically, so rapidly in society, that donating blood was something the 67-year-old retired factory worker felt compelled to do for the first time.

“I’ve written a few checks to charities but everyone feels kind of helpless right now,” he said. “This is a special time and I figured I needed to pitch in some way.”

In the month since the coronavirus pandemic hit, 456 blood drives have been canceled in the 27 counties served by the American Red Cross in central Ohio. That represents almost 13,000 units of blood that didn’t get collected to support 40 hospitals in the region, said spokesman Rodney Wilson.

Shoutout to Terry, who's now a proper legend in my mind.

Take Me Home

Remember that one time Terry Glenn single-handedly massacred Pitt? I bet Mark May sure does. Let's relive it!

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