Buckeye Cruise for Cancer Breaks Record, Raises $1.5 Million

By Jason Priestas on February 25, 2014 at 5:26 pm
You now want that Toledo shirt, residents of the 419.
Billy Brewster, Zach Boren, Dane Sanzenbacher and Michael Brewster (@BuckeyeCruise photo)

The Buckeye Cruise for Cancer, brainchild of Lisa Cisco and Chris Quinn of Travel Partners of Dublin and Chris Spielman and his late wife, Stefanie, is at sea right now with more than 2,300 Ohio State fans mixing it up on Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas with 30 former Buckeye greats.

Kirk Herbstreit, James Laurinaitis, Malcolm Jenkins, Tom Cousineau, Robert Smith and Scoonie Penn are just a few of the former players cruising with fans.

Oh, and here's J.J. Sullinger belly-flopping on the masses:

JJ flopping is great and all, but the real mission of the cruise is to raise money for cancer research, specifically, the Urban & Shelley Meyer Fund for Cancer Research. Today, the cruise announced it had shattered its one-year record, raising $1.5 million.

For context, the event had pulled in approximately $2.5 million in its first six years. [not-bad.gif]

“I can’t thank Lisa and her team enough, and the hundreds of volunteers who work so hard and are so dedicated to making this cruise such a rewarding experience,” Urban Meyer said. “The cruise would not be possible without the nonstop work of her team and the volunteers. They are always eager to assist…always eager to go.

“And I also send special thanks to the many former Buckeyes like Archie Griffin, Kirk Herbstreit, Eddie George, Joey Galloway and A.J. Hawk, the great medical doctors from the James who take part and the legions of fans from Buckeye Nation who generously donate.”

If you've made one of these, good on you. If you haven't, you now have another addition to your bucket list. The dates for the 2015 Buckeye Cruise for Cancer are expected to be announced in late March.

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