Remember When: Proposed Guidelines on Sportsmanship That Could Have Changed the Atmosphere of Sports

By Avery DePaola on May 4, 2020 at 1:05 pm
The view of sportsmanship published in The Lantern in 1931.
Lantern Digital Archives

Welcome back to Remember When, where we delve into some interesting moments in Ohio State sports history.

In 1931, an Ohio State team led by Wes Fesler and head coach Sam Willaman dominated Cincinnati 67-6. After Buckeye fans reportedly mustered up praise for Cincinnati’s lone touchdown, The Lantern published an article calling for more sportsmanlike behavior like this in the future.

In it, a “sportsmanship code” was laid out in hopes of achieving a better atmosphere for all sporting events.

From the October 7, 1931 issue of The Lantern:

From The Lantern, 1931.

Some of the proposed rules are fair, but imagine a world where fans would never question or get upset with the officials, never brag after a win, and the "I just hope both teams have fun" mentality is at the heart of the sports realm.

I don’t think that’s the world I signed up for so, I’m a little glad that those in 1931 didn’t get their way.

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