Presser Bullets: Ryan Day Says Ohio State Expects to Have a Running Back Coach by Next Week, Next Two Weeks of Spring Practice Critical for Will Howard

By Andy Anders on March 30, 2024 at 1:22 pm

Ohio State is more than halfway through spring practice, now exactly two weeks away from its spring game on April 13.

The Buckeyes' Saturday practice brought with it Student Appreciation Day and a full slate of observations to provide questions to Ryan Day.

Ohio State's running back coaching search is still ongoing but Day gave a rough timeline of "next week" to name a hire. Will Howard had an inconsistent day of practice but Day has liked the progress he's seen from the Kansas State transfer while adding that the next two weeks will be important for Howard.

  • On the quarterback competition: "We're just, really, rolling them right now. ... I think you saw everybody get reps with the ones today." Day added that the last two weeks of spring practice will be very important for figuring out where everyone stands.
  • The offensive line competition is still ongoing, and Josh Fryar has played some guard this spring "We're still trying to figure out who the best five are and move them around."
  • Lathan Ransom is only doing individual and seven-on-seven drills off his injury from last season. Brandon Inniss has a "temporary issue" and should be back soon.
  • On Jayden Bonsu playing safety with the first few teams: "The more guys that are thrown into the fire, the more they can respond. ... The next two weeks are going to be an opportunity to ... We need to build depth at all positions."
  • On the defensive line: "They were in the backfield a bunch. ... You can see the quickness with some of the interior guys, with Kayden you've seen the quickness. ... You've seen Mitchell Melton get in the backfield."
  • On Jeremiah Smith and Caleb Downs: "I think both of them have discipline in their life, I think both of them have built up a skill package. ... Jeremiah has really stepped in ... I'm gonna be careful what I say, but he's been very exciting to watch and we're all very excited about his future."
  • On Will Howard and Seth McLaughlin losing their black stripes: "You see the progress being made ... both those guys deserve to get their black stripes removed today."
  • On Bryson Rodgers: "He's very quick in short areas, I think he does a nice job in the slot in particular ... I think he's a very good route runner. ... The challenge for him is to continue to get stronger, play through contact, but if can do that he'll contribute for us this year."
  • On the running backs: "I think Tre's done a great job with leadership, I think Quinshon's done a really good job. ... I'm excited about all of them ... I'd like to think it's the best room in the country."
  • Day added that T.C. Caffey is a player that could get carries for Ohio State this year.
  • While Day likes some of the progress he's seen from Howard but wants to see more over the next two weeks. "He was a little bit more calm in the pocket, he had some really good throws, he missed some throws as well. ... He's got a good way about having poise back there. ... As his eyes get right and his feet time up with that, he'll start making more plays."
  • Day said that Ohio State is taking their time searching for a new running backs coach but plans to have one named "next week."
  • On Will Smith Jr.: "He's finally healthy and he's actually stacking practices together. ... He put on a lot of strength and a lot of weight early on and then had some issues. ... We're making progress 
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