Thursday Night Trivia: Test Your Knowledge of Missouri and Ohio State's History Against the Tigers

By Matt Gutridge on December 28, 2023 at 7:00 pm
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Put on your thinking caps and grab your favorite drink; it's time for a Thursday night edition of Friday Night Trivia.

We put together a 10-question quiz each week to test your knowledge of Ohio State football and its upcoming opponent. This week, we see how much you know about two things: 1) Missouri and its history against the Buckeyes and 2) Ohio State's performances in the Cotton Bowl.

There are two simple rules: Please use your brain (not a search engine) and only play once.

Note: After you answer all of the questions, you must click on "Finish Quiz" to see your results.


Michigan Report Card

The correct answers from the final quiz of the regular season and the percentage of participants who got each question correct can be found in the table below.

Michigan Trivia Answers
1 When Ohio State played Michigan for the first time in 1897, who was head coach of the Wolverines? Gustave Ferbert 25%
2 Ohio State’s first win over Michigan was in 1919, who was head coach of the Buckeyes? John Wilce 63%
3 The 1950 Snow Bowl had a record number of punts in The Game's history. How many punts did Ohio State and Michigan combine for? 45 29%
4 The most points Ohio State has ever scored against Michigan was 62 in 2018. However, that’s not the program’s largest margin of victory in the series. In 1935, a Tall Texan led the Buckeyes to a 38-0 win, who was Ohio State’s coach that day? Francis Schmidt 66%
5 With 226 rushing yards, which Buckeye has the most in program history against Michigan? Carlos Hyde 28%
6 Since 1960, the warmest temperature at kickoff for The Game was 65 degrees. What year did this occur? 1982 52%
7 Which Ohio State quarterback threw for 396 yards against Michigan, the most by any Buckeye against the Wolverines? Dwayne Haskins 81%
8 Woody Hayes faced Michigan more times than any other Ohio State coach. How many points did Hayes' teams score in those 28 games? 420 35%
9 Which graduate of Michigan is one of America's first serial killers who confessed to 27 murders, but is believed to have 250 victims? Herman Webster Mudgett, a.k.a. H.H. Holmes 56%
10 Which Michigan coach is known for awkward press conferences, drinking milk, eating boogers and is at the center of a cheating scandal? Jim Harbaugh 98%

Overall, the correct answer was the most selected answer by the Eleven Warriors community on 6 out of 10 questions. On four questions, one incorrect answer received more votes than the correct answer.

  • 57% of readers thought Fielding Yost was Michigan's head coach in 1897.
  • 38% went with Ohio State and Michigan combining for 35 punts in the 1950 Snow Bowl.
  • 46% believed Beanie Wells ran for 226 yards against the Wolverines.
  • 47% selected 360 as the points Woody Hayes scored in 28 games against Michigan.
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