Video: Ryan Day, Tim Walton And Jerron Cage Fire Up Fans For Arkansas State Matchup At Ohio State Skull Session

By Griffin Strom on September 10, 2022 at 10:35 am

Ryan Day has a mission in mind.

After getting close to the mountaintop in his first three seasons as Ohio State's head coach, Day wants to make it all the way in 2022, and he said as much at the Buckeyes' pre-Arkansas State Skull Session at St. John Arena Saturday.

“We have the best damn band in the land. We have the best damn fans in the land. This year we’re on a chase to be the best damn team in the land," Day said.

You can check out everything Day, secondary coach Tim Walton and defensive tackle Jerron Cage said to Buckeye fans at the ceremony in the video above.

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