Michigan Fan Is Not Happy With a Buckeye-Themed Surprise at Gender Reveal Party

By Kevin Harrish on May 9, 2022 at 12:16 pm
It's a Buckeye!

A Michigan fan thought he was opening a box to reveal the gender of his future child. He was quite unimpressed with what he got instead.

The couple presumably agreed to use their college football allegiances as part of the gender reveal, with Michigan State balloons representing a girl and Michigan balloons representing a boy.

But whoever put together the box had other plans.

"I don't want that shit out here," the Michigan man says as he furiously tries to stuff the Buckeye balloons back in the box – rather unsuccessfully.

We're not quite sure what this means, but if it means that they're having a Buckeye fan, then the odds of that household enjoying a national title just increased exponentially.


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