Presser Bullets: Ryan Day Says Kamryn Babb Will Be Back "In A Couple Weeks" After Short-Term Injury, Says Gee Scott Jr. Was Back At Practice Monday

By Griffin Strom on April 4, 2022 at 11:09 am

Nine practices into spring camp, Ohio State head coach Ryan Day appeared before the media at a press conference at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center Monday.

After opening up practice to students and members of the media for Student Appreciation Day Saturday, Day had plenty to discuss as the Buckeyes gave viewers their first real glimpse at Ohio State's prospective depth chart on both sides of the ball over the weekend.

For a rundown of everything Day discussed to start the week, check out the bullet-point breakdown below.

Ryan Day

  • Day thanks the students for coming out on Saturday, says "this is kind of where you find out where guys are" nine practices into spring. Day says C.J. Hicks, Gabe Powers, Chip Trayanum, JK Johnson, Jordan Hancock and Cameron Martinez are among the young players that have stood out during the spring as of late.
  • On the Jack position, Day says the amount they will use it depends on how well the Buckeyes are able to execute it on the field, but Day says it's a "good package" for them at the moment.
  • Day says Steele Chambers is "much further along than he was at this time last year."
  • Day says Gee Scott was "out there today" and expects Scott and Kamryn Babb "to be available moving forward," despite not being on the field on Saturday.
  • On Lejond Cavazos not being on the field Saturday, Day didn't indicate that it was a long-term injury.
  • On Kyle McCord: "He wants to be at Ohio State. He's gonna be ready."
  • On the defensive line, Day says "the depth we've created is gonna be a huge advantage for us." Day says the second- and third-team players on the defensive line are further along than the second- and third-team players on the offensive line right now.
  • Day says he's "pleased with the first nine practices" that Devin Brown has put together so far this spring.
  • Day says he hasn't seen a change in C.J. Stroud as a person over the last year, and that you can "see his humility" and his appreciation for all the support he got from the students on Saturday.
  • On Scott, Day says the more "job descriptions" you can cross off as a tight end, the more you will get on the field. Day says "it takes a little time to learn those jobs."
  • Day says the Buckeyes are doing "some, but not a ton" of preparation specifically for Notre Dame at this stage in the offseason.
  • On Tim Walton and Perry Eliano, Day says "they've done a good job, both of them. Larry (Johnson) as well."
  • On the big recruiting weekend, Day says "I think it was a great recruiting weekend ... the idea is that when guys want to commit, they're done. There's some guys that are really close (to committing)."
  • On Tommy Eichenberg, Day says his Rose Bowl performance has "given him some momentum, for sure." Day says his reps are starting to add up, and the Buckeyes are hoping he takes a big step up this season.
  • Day says "we do need to get more depth on the offensive line. That's for sure."
  • Day says Babb had "a little bump in the road that we were worried about," but that Ohio State will get him back "in a couple weeks."
  • Day says Stroud and Luke Wypler now have "a reference point to come back to" as returning starters at QB and center, and that "it matters to them."
  • "It's hard to play nowadays as a freshman if you don't come mid-year. ... Each guy has to understand their journey could be different than the guy next to them, but the end goal is the same."
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