Madden 22 Adding Ohio State to Campus Legends Game Feature, Allowing Fans to Play With Former Buckeyes on One Team

By Kevin Harrish on January 11, 2022 at 5:02 pm
Madden is Adding Ohio State.

For the first time since 2014, you'll be able to play with Ohio State in a video game.

While we all await the new College Football video game which does not yet have a release date, EA Sports is giving us the next best thing, adding Ohio State to its Campus Legends mode on Madden 22, which gives players the chance to use a team of former Buckeye players online.

The Campus Legends mode allows you to play online against another player with both playing as one of several college teams with rosters made up of former NFL players from those schools. The games are played with college rules with the exception of overtime, which is NFL rules.

Madden had two Campus Legends events earlier this year which included Clemson, LSU, Texas, Miami, Michigan State, Nebraska, Oregon, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and USC. Assuming those teams will all be featured once again, you can now add Ohio State and Alabama to the list to bring the total to 12 teams.

While Ohio State's roster of playable players has not yet been released, it's safe to assume it will include Ezekiel Elliott, Justin Fields, and Chase Young based on the announcement graphic.

You can begin playing with Ohio State on Jan. 14, however, this game mode likely isn't permanent – though it's not clear how long it will last. The previous two Campus Legends events ran for a limited time, with the first one spanning from Aug. 31 to Sept. 27 and the second from Nov. 20 to Dec. 6.

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