Dawand Jones' Turtle, a Patriotic Outfit and Harry Miller's Guitar Highlight Ohio State's Camp Check-In Day

By Kevin Harrish on August 8, 2021 at 7:16 pm
Dawand Jones

Nothing signals the approaching Buckeye football season quite like camp check-in day.

As part of a time-honored (and admittedly weird) tradition, the Buckeyes were greeted by a full paparazzi-like media contingent as they officially checked into their team hotel on Sunday evening for the start of fall camp.

And as usual, the players made the most of it with their arrivals.

Highlights included a pet turtle, an extremely patriotic outfit, a guitar, some player-owned apparel, a rather sophisticated suit, and a cowboy hat.

Here's a look at the spectacle.

Paris Johnson Jr. was the first to check-in, and he arrived in style rocking a glorious retro NASCAR tee.

But his outfit was quickly overshadowed by freshman walk-on offensive lineman Toby Wilson, how showed up wearing a patriotic sleeveless onesie with a hood – undoubtedly the best outfit of the day.

As good as Wilson's outfit was, though, it was far from the classiest. That honor goes to Nicholas Petit-Frere.

And a few Buckeyes showed up sporting shirts from Above the Realm, a Teradja Mitchell's new clothing line.

And then there was new Buckeye punter Jesse Mirko, who repped his homeland with his wardrobe choice.

Another walk-on who chose to arrive in style was defensive back Cameron Kittle, who showed up for camp rocking a Willie Nelson shirt and a spectacular cowboy hat.

For some Buckeyes, though, it wasn't what they wore, but what they brought.

Harry Miller gave us extremely summer camp vibes, showing up for camp with his guitar.

And Dawand Jones arrived with his pet turtle.

A little later – presumably once he made his turtle comfortable inside the hotel – he grabbed his disposable camera and joined the media contingent outside.

And Master Teague III earned the biggest applause of the evening, arriving at camp check-in a day after officially becoming a graduate of The Ohio State University.

Ohio State now officially begins its preparation for the start of the season, which kicks off on Thursday, Sept. 2 with a road showdown with Minnesota.

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