Big Ten Medical Subcommittee To Present Rapid Testing Options To Presidents And Chancellors On Saturday, Per Report

By Colin Hass-Hill on September 11, 2020 at 6:55 pm
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A decision appears to be around the corner.

Various reports throughout the week have indicated the Big Ten could hold another vote by its presidents and chancellors as soon as this weekend to decide on when to play the upcoming season.

On Saturday, the conference will reportedly determine whether or not such a vote will take place.

The Big Ten medical subcommittee – comprised of medical experts and athletic – will present a committee of eight of the conference's presidents and chancellors with rapid coronavirus testing options that weren't available when it voted, 11-3, a month ago to postpone the season, ESPN reported on Friday evening. The advancements would allow teams to test daily and decrease contact tracing, which a source told ESPN is "light years" ahead of what was possible five weeks prior.

Ohio State president Kristina Johnson will be one of the Big Ten presidents and chancellors to hear Saturday's presentation of options from the medical subcommittee, which includes Ohio State head team physician Jim Borchers.

If Saturday's presentation gets approved by the subcommittee of presidents and chancellors, a followup meeting with the entire board of presidents and chancellors could be called, where they might have a vote. However, per ESPN, Saturday's meeting might end with the medical subcommittee being asked for further information that could delay any vote.

In order for the Big Ten to head down the path that Ryan Day voiced on Thursday by aiming for a mid-October start to the football season, it'll be imperative for the presidents and chancellors involved in Saturday's meeting to believe in the testing capabilities shown. They will see "at least four rapid response antigen tests," per ESPN.

As with so much about the past month, the outcome of this remains unknown. But this weekend, whether the Big Ten will have a fall season should become much clearer.

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