Watch Ryan Day, Jim Tressel, Gene Smith, J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones Offer Encouragement, Advice During Coronavirus Epidemic

By Kevin Harrish on March 22, 2020 at 2:14 pm
Gene Smith

During uncertain times, we turn to wise leaders, and Ohio State's leaders – present and former – are offering their encouragement and support.

Ryan Day, Gene Smith and Jim Tressel took to social media on Sunday afternoon to share messages amidst the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation and the state of Ohio.

Day expressed his support for those during this crisis and gave some advice on how to stay mentally healthy.

Day simplified this message into the acronym "GO BUCKEYES" on his Facebook page.

G: Get Outside. While practicing social distancing the more we can get fresh air the better.

O: One thing at a time. Things are moving very fast these days, remember to focus
only on what you are doing and do one thing at a time.

B: Be kind. Reach out to those around you who might be feeling isolated. Being kind to others actually adds to our own positive mental health.

U: Utilize mental health professionals. Speaking to mental health professional can provide the additional support necessary during this time of uncertainty.

C: Control what you can control. Make a list of things you can control in your life and things that you cannot control. For example you cannot control the virus and what is shared on the news about the virus, but you can control washing your hands and the amount of time you watch the news.

K: Kick the habit. Use this time to start a new healthy habit to replace a habit that may not be adding to your mental health and wellness.

E: Encourage yourself. How you speak to yourself during this stressful time is very important. Practice self-compassion and positive self-talk (e.g., “I am stressed right now. Of course I am stressed and I know that I am trying my best to deal with this situation”).

Y: You time. Take time to take care of yourself. Exercise, meditation, yoga are all examples of positive self-care activities that lead to decreased stress and increased wellness.

E: Eat healthy. In times of stress we can lose our appetite or our appetite can increase for salty foods or foods high in saturated fat. Try to maintain a balanced diet. This can increase your sense of well-being.

S: Stick to a routine. If you are working from home, or taking classes at home, get up and get dressed just like you would be going to your respective sites. This will send a message that today is a day where I will be productive. Also, having a schedule and a routine will lead to a sense of normalcy and structure, two factors that can decrease anxiety in an uncertain time.

A former Buckeye head coach also offered his sage wisdom as now-Youngstown State president Tressel urged folks to stay at home and "flatten the curve."

Smith took to Twitter as well, offering his support to everybody dealing with the uncertain times and praising other leaders in the state.

Former Ohio State quarterbacks J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones also shared some health tips through videos posted on the Buckeyes' official Twitter account.

Current Buckeye basketball head coach Chris Holtmann and former Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer also offered their encouragement in support last week.

Everybody must step up during this time, and these Buckeye leaders are doing their part.

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