For Ohio: Urban Meyer Assures Us All That Coronavirus Will Not Stop The Buckeyes

By Kevin Harrish on March 20, 2020 at 4:05 pm
Urban and Shelly

We're living in uncertain times during the COVID-19 outbreak, but Ohio is gonna get through it together – and have some fun along the way.

Urban and Shelley Meyer are hunkered down in Florida as the coronavirus pandemic.

He may be a few hundred miles away from The Heart of It All, but that's not going to stop Meyer and his glorious social distancing goatee from offering us some sage wisdom from afar.

"Ohio State will be stronger than ever. The C-Virus is not slowing down the Buckeyes in recruiting I can promise you that."

You're damn right, Urban. You're damn right.

The Latest

It ain't been easy, but this is precisely how much ass Ohio is kicking with its response to this pandemic:

Let's Laugh

As if there was ever any doubt, it looks like Drue Chrisman and fam are going to get us through this through fantastic social media #content.


Family quarantine bonding #InHouseChallenge

A post shared by Drue Chrisman (@dchrisman91) on

If I were in a scenario where my life hinged upon a human tossing toilet paper through a mini basketball hoop, I'm quite certain I would choose Drue Chrisman's mother as my champion.

Humans Being Human

Take a bow, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants.

A lot of people are out of work – at least temporarily – as a result of this outbreak, and Cameron Mitchell restaurants is doing what it can to help its out-of-work employees, distributing 100 percent of its online gift card sales through March 31st evenly among its associates.

Jim Tressel doing Jim Tressel things

There wasn't a chance in hell The Senator was going to sit idly by in the face of this pandemic, and here he is recording a book reading for kids, sweater vest and all.

And if you take a close gander at the book he's reading, it's from The 2nd and 7 Foundation, which was founded by Buckeyes Ryan Miller, Luke Fickell, and Mike Vrabel to "tackle illiteracy."

Buckeyes are owning this outbreak all around.

Take Me Home

March Madness is canceled, but thankfully Sam Thompson gave us more than an entire tournament's worth of dunks throughout his career for us to feast on.

His dunk reel is like an "open in the event of an emergency" stockpile. And I'd say this qualifies.

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