Reporter Who Questioned Jeff Okudah About “Sloppy” Play Comes Clean, Doubles Down On His Bad Take

By Kevin Harrish on March 6, 2020 at 11:56 am
Doubling down on a terrible take

The Internet was ablaze last week when a reporter at the NFL Combine questioned Jeff Okudah about his "sloppy" play, citing "penalties and stuff."

Okudah rightfully set him straight, assertively informing him that he did not have a single pass interference or holding penalty the entire season and invited him to check the tape.

After the public embarrassment, you couldn't blame the reporter for slinking into anonymity, but that's not at all what he did.

Pranav Rama, who claims to be a writer for a website called (which somehow received a credential to the NFL combine), is not only owning the terrible take, he's doubling down.

Yes, not only did he own up to it, Mr. Rama is patting himself on the back like he's Walter Cronkite for asking a question about "kinda using penalties and stuff like that" when the “penalties and stuff” never existed.

And a week later, he's still on it, claiming there actually were pass interference and holding penalties that were missed by the referees and blaming Okudah's sloppiness for the injury he sustained during the combine.

Of course, he never offered specific instances or showed any tape, but he has assured us those specifics are coming right after he finishes his "official NFL media work," presumably for, unless of course his watchdog media work already landed him a bigger gig.

We're all on pins and needles as we await your attempts to retcon your ill-informed question, Pranav.

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