Julian Fleming, Kourt Williams, Lejond Cavazos and C.J. Stroud Give Us a Hilarious Tour of Their New Crib (Dorm)

By Kevin Harrish on January 7, 2020 at 3:40 pm
CJ Stroud

Ohio State's early enrollees are already making themselves at home.

They won't be suiting up for the Buckeyes for eight months, but 14 members of the Buckeyes' 2020 recruiting class are already on campus and getting adjusted to college life, and they were kind enough to give us all a peek.

Linebacker Kourt Williams, defensive back Lejond Cavazos, wide receiver Julian Fleming and quarterback C.J. Stroud gave us a little look at their new Columbus crib – which happens to be a campus residence hall.

They're off to a noble start with Stroud presumably planning to use the kitchen for more than easy mac and ramen noodles, and even suggesting he'll use real dishes. In my experience will last approximately six days before he learns about Wings Over delivery and paper plates.

Williams is also eager to arrive early and make a good first impression during his first day of classes, which will also change in a few weeks when he learns exactly how long it takes to get from his dorm to a seat down to the minute and doesn't leave an instant too soon.

They also chose a hell of a time of year to experience living in Ohio for the first time after 75 percent of them moved from California or Florida. But hey, getting there is half the battle. Finding a better winter coat after walking to class in 9-degree weather for the first time is the other.

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