Artist Brenden Daugherty Creates Incredible J.T. Barrett Charcoal Drawing

By Kevin Harrish on October 15, 2019 at 3:40 pm

Folks, we may have found the Best Damn Artist in the Land.

Ohio-native and massive Buckeye fan Brenden Daugherty just unleashed a legendary and life-like charcoal drawing of Ohio State great J.T. Barrett, aptly titled “The Wolverine Slayer.”

Daugherty has been an artist as long as he can remember, spending his entire life doing drawing, tattooing, graphic design, screen printing design, website design, photography, cinematography and anything else that helps satisfy a creative itch.

He began working with charcoal at about age 18, and has since done portraits, cars, pets, musicians and athletes, even creating work for NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony.

But this piece was personal, stemming simply from his passion for Buckeye football. And of everything he's ever created, Daugherty this is his favorite so far.

"It’s my first time adding acrylic paint to a charcoal piece and I really wasn’t sure how it was going to come out," Daugherty said of the piece that took him about 60 hours to complete. "I am very happy with it."

J.T. Barrett

Daugherty is a life-long Buckeye fan, but Barrett is the first Buckeye he's ever drawn. It certainly won't be the last. After seeing the video, Joshua Perry has commissioned a portrait of his own, and after that Daugherty plans to draw Archie Griffin, Ezekiel Elliott, Nick and Joey Bosa, and Urban Meyer.

He's adamant more Buckeye works are on the way, but in the mean time, you can snag a print of the glorious J.T. Barrett piece on his Daugherty's website, with $20 of each order going towards the Salvation Army throughout the holiday season, as he wants to partner with charities in as many ways as possible down the road.

"I am currently in talks about some possible special edition prints of J.T. that are signed by him to help raise money for charity as well," Daughtery said. "I’d like to do a bunch of signed series in the future."

Daugherty said he would love to partner with Ezekiel Elliott for a signed print series to raise money for the Salvation Army throughout the holiday season, no doubt inspired by Zeke's viral moment with the charity. He's currently in talks with some memorabilia contacts about it, but would really love to hear from Zeke personally.

You can view Daugherty's full charcoal portfolio and purchase a print of the J.T. Barrett piece from his website. If you're looking for an original piece, those are more pricey, but can certainly be done.

You can find Daugherty and his work on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and his website.

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