Thursday Bullet Points: Ryan Day Talks Cincinnati Shutout, the Field Goal Block, Personnel Packages, and Indiana Road Trip

By Kevin Harrish and Colin Hass-Hill on September 12, 2019 at 12:58 pm

The Buckeyes are 2-0 after a lopsided win over Cincinnati, and now go on the road for the first time this season to open Big Ten play, facing the Hoosiers in Bloomington.

Ryan Day made his final weekly media appearances on Thursday, joining 97.1 The Fan for his weekly radio show immediately followed by his brief afternoon media availability in the team room.

Day was also joined by offensive line coach Greg Studrawa on his radio appearance.

Here's a breakdown.

Ryan Day Radio Show

Ryan Day:

On the field goal block
  • Ohio State put 6-foot-8 Dawand Jones and Chase Young on the inside to try to get some push.
  • Coach Barnes' goal is to get five field-goal blocks this year – they've got one.
  • They look for a scoop and score off of them too.
"The plan to win"
  • Day obviously wants to score on the first drive, but two first downs and a punt flips the field.
  • Day praised Ohio State's punt team, calling them the "bets punt team in America"
  • Drue Chrisman downed two punts inside the 10, and was Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week.
On the road game routine the night before the game
  • We do a movie at the hotel.
  • We watch the Friday night college football game.
  • Treatment with Coach Mick.
  • 9 or 9:30, they do bed check for a noon game
  • "Sometimes, that's their best night's sleep of the week."
  • Director of football operations Quinn Tempel picks the movie.
  • "Sometimes, Quinn gets boo'd"
On changing personnel
  • Ryan Day likes to be multiple based on what they're showing
  • Cincinnati blitzed more than Florida Atlantic, so they had to handle it
  • They didn't do 12 personnel (two tight ends) as much against Cincinnati
On Justin Fields' first scramble touchdown
  • It was actually a blown play. One of the receivers ran the wrong route.
  • "He didn't panic, he didn't throw the ball into coverage."
  • Day praised his ability to create something out of nothing on that play.
On handling an incorrect in terms of down and distance
  • "Usually, we know."
  • Day mentioned a scenario where they were confused against Cincinnati after a defensive holding
  • The staff thought it was an automatic first down, but it wasn't.
  • "You have to throw the ball to get an automatic first down (on a defensive holding)."
 On J.K. Dobbins first game against Indiana as a freshman
  • "He ran hard that game. He made some guys miss."
  • "J.K. had a good game that night, hopefully we'll get another one out of him."
On Master Teague
  • "Maser's been running hard."
  • "He's carrying guys 2, 3, 4 yards down the field."
  • "He'll see a little more playing time this week."
  • On the three different running backs: "Different body types. You look at all three of those guys, they're very different."
  • Day said they'll figure out how to use their different skill sets throughout the year.
On Justin Fields not wearing a brace on his plant knee
  • "We like for them to wear them, but we don't force them to."
  • "Justin does not like to wear one" because of his mobility.
  • "They want to be able to run around and make things happen."
  • "He felt strongly about it" so he doesn't wear one.
On the quarterbacks room
  • "They picked it up quick."
  • "All three of them are transfers"
  • Gunnar Hoak is still learning the offense.
  • "He'll catch up as time goes on."
On reserves getting in the game
  • "I thought, for whatever reason, when they got in the game (against FAU) they were just okay."
  • Day challenged them during the week, telling them what a great opportunity it is to get to play.
  • Day said they did much better this week, even fighting to keep the shutout.
  • "That showed some fight in our guys, which was better than the week before." 
On Kevin Wilson being from Indiana
  • "Well, this is the third year now."
  • Day said the past two years, they did lean on that a little bit. But not really anymore.
  • "Three years, we've kind of moved on from that."
  • But there is still some familiarity, especially going back to Indiana.
On Matt Barnes coaching special teams
  • Matt Barnes teaching special team by explaining "It's all ball."
  • Everything they do in special teams carries over to other aspects of football
  • Day mentioned J.K. Dobbins avoiding contact on kickoff team, then said he does the same thing running with the ball as a running back.
On Garrett Wilson's touchdown
  • Day explained it's always hard for freshmen to shine when they can't just rely on talent anymore.
  • Day praised his work ethic and improvement
  • "He has an amazing ceiling. His ability is off the charts"

Greg Studrawa

On Cincinnati
  • "That was a pretty big test for us"
  • Studrawa mentioned that Luke Fickell knew them and what they tried to do and that made it difficult."
  • He was impressed with how they handled it.
On Wyatt Davis
  • Studrawa said Wyatt Davis was ready to play "about halfway through the year last year."
  • "When Meech went down, as upsetting it was, I knew Wyatt was going to be fine."
On Josh Myers
  • Josh Myers is handling the center position well.
  • "He's got such an understanding that there's a calmness now."
  • Cincinnati blitzed 40 out of the first 45 plays, and Josh Myers handled it.
  • "He wants it more than anyone else in the world."
On Branden Bowen
  • "Last year was such a struggle for him it was a heartbreak to watch."
  • "His leg just wasn't right."
  • "To see him shine now in his first two games, it's wonderful for that young man."
On practicing against the Buckeye defensive line
  • "Our guys can't come to practice and not be ready because you will get embarrassed."
  • The offensive line has to be ready every practice.
  • "Because of them, our guys come ready."
On Gavin Cupp and Harry Miller
  • "I think those guys would start at other places."
  • Praised Harry Miller, calling him mentally and physically "off the charts."

Ryan Day's Press Conference With Local Media

  • Day, when asked whether he'll have a clear idea about his team after this week: "I don't know about clear but certainly a better idea as we go." He says everything "ramps up" during conference play, which opens on Saturday.
  • Attitude, work ethic, attention to detail and performance on the field are things that have stood out about Garrett Wilson, who he believes has improved.
  • On the 2017 game against Indiana: "That was tough, that first half. And then we kind of got it going in the second half." He says that was a "very emotional game" with a good Indiana crowd. He said it wasn't easy for him and Kevin Wilson to get the offense going that day.
  • He says Kevin Wilson is three years removed from Indiana, so the focus is on Ohio State.
  • On preparing for both Michael Penix and Peyton Ramsey. "We've been preparing that way all along anyway." He says both quarterbacks "bring different things to the table."
  • On Harry Miller. "Harry's doing good." He says center is one of the hardest positions for a center and he doesn't stand out in a bad way, which sometimes happens with young centers. He says it's "very rare" for somebody his age to play the way he has as a freshman.
  • Day says he thought J.K. Dobbins ran much better in the second game of the season. "I think it was an all-around game," and he thinks he can be one of the best running backs in the nation. 
  • He does not have an update on Jonathon Cooper's status. He says Ohio State hasn't practiced yet on Thursday, and things can change based on that.
  • Biggest plus is Cooper comes back? "Well, first off, he's a captain." 
  • Day says Dawand Jones is a "weapon" in the field-goal block because he's 6-foot-8 and 360 pounds. That said, he doesn't want to burn Jones' redshirt to put him in the game to block field goals. "We're not going to be foolish about it. We'll be smart." He says they'll put him in if they think he can help them win a game.
  • Day says he wants Tyreke Smith to be the next Bosa or the next Chase Young. 
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