Ryan and Christina Day Launch Fund for Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Wellness Through Nationwide Children's Hospital

By Dan Hope on June 5, 2019 at 9:43 am
Ryan and Christina Day
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Ryan Day and his wife Christina are teaming up with Nationwide Children's Hospital to advocate for mental health.

The Ohio State football program's first couple announced the creation of The Ryan and Christina Day Fund for Pediatric and Adolescent Mental Wellness at Nationwide Children's Hospital, which will help raise awareness, increase educational opportunities and inspire advocacy for mental health, on Wednesday.

From Nationwide Children's Hospital's website:

Ryan and Christina Day are making a bold commitment to extend their social mission to one of the most significant issues facing children and young adults today – mental health.

We’re in a Mental Health Crisis.  One in five children has a significantly impairing mental disorder; less than half get the treatment they need. Half of mental health conditions begin by age 14, and 75% of mental illness presents by age 24.

The Day Family is getting behind this cause – with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the national On Our Sleeves movement to support children and young adults living with mental illness.

It’s time to have an important local and national conversation about our children’s mental health - an often overlooked and vastly underfunded component of pediatric health. And it’s time to raise our voices for this important cause.

Ryan Day knows firsthand about the importance of mental health – his father died by suicide when Ryan was just 9 years old – and said in a statement Wednesday that he and his family believe it is important to speak up to raise mental health awareness.

“We are excited to join the national 'On Our Sleeves' movement in support of children and young adults living with mental illness,” Day said. “There is a vitally important connection between mental health and physical health and we want to help children and young adults who do not wear their thoughts on their sleeves when it comes to mental health issues.”

The Days have made a personal contribution of $100,000 to the fund. The fund is now open for donations on Nationwide Children's Hospital's website.

“We are grateful for this generous commitment from the Day family,” said Steve Testa, president of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation, in a statement. “This fund will have a lasting impact for children and adolescents living with a mental illness, an area that has traditionally been underfunded. By joining our movement, Coach Day and Christina are helping to break stigmas, improve prevention activities, enhance clinical care, and create a brighter tomorrow for children and families.”

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